Intern Kevin Explains Chinese New Year

Friday, February 16th

Intern Kevin explains Chinese New Years and gives some advice on what not to do because of superstitions:


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065 the end. Four I think. He is why it means that there. Daily in certain Kevin is here good morning instant haven't gotten then. Edgar Wright. Hey injury Kevin is super excited that today is Chinese carrier. I'll I don't think you should get excited about that and we're both stops because superstitions. As. And the Chinese New Year AKA Lunar New Year line lined up the same year as your lose your zodiac sign a guy padlock. It's just my government is like the dog is is the ax hi Ari. I don't know what year where you Marin. Is he acts high zodiac signs like he tore I think your answer of course yes no where ordinary life in the Chinese want our means like I was born in 1994 I am a die anyhow I am tapping Al on caring about I'm Marty could you. Now I don't mean you win this and I'm I. Learn my goals yards. Or cold shower and sixes are easy also to I need to hear it all the called Lunar New Year it's our Vietnamese people of those goddamn well. And that the. Back in. I sell itself. What eighteen going to be note that no good for me nobody ever hurt. I mean I don't know what year she's what you want to hear the OK David the bad year for both of us is their banner remarried. OK still dish intern Kevin let me ask what. Trudy unions do you plan and participating in today that it is the Chinese New Year there are cellmark's OK like I can't do a lot of things. Like why it's what I mean by example. I can't take any medicine on the first day which is today because they're gonna be ill on a year if you deal. Well yeah who do take Billy Madison can't I don't feel finally can't. Horror courier and I don't take it is not hard day China IC Rothstein the new year out yeah I'm speaking for for all of us. God did you know in the cabin take them out yeah. To my daughter with a half art caddie take Matt Wright and yes OK people don't wash their clothes are the first and second day because these are the two days to celebrate them odd title or my mom told me not to do laundry. I. It's sees that cut the sun god or something like I don't know wait a minute you even do your laundry to begin with your geologic aria that's a lie and there's the Chinese got a laundry. I guess it's something about like a water god I'm not sure I don't listen I deny your Vietnamese side is showing right now well and you are screaming that this is your culture you don't know much about this whole idea all right our life. All this is a big I don't give clock says there's at a pizza as the guest Terri Chinese a little silly little crying give you a pair scissors you're going to be cutting my life sort. Rule what I do let us know at this panel on the right I did it and why it's about doing hired to print this is in my game you know I don't touch and why. Are. You've got to actually kill me but he's so 'cause it's just cut your likes and higher clock. You're gonna be AG very quickly and the heat and it teaches us it's the Senate's yeah I. I can't keep doing your work or I really am but I try to figure out why I. Here were you born ID ER OK so that kind of dog all right I was the year the dog so and this is the year the dog now. Yes 28 team on. Did they would you guys like economic characteristics yes I am glad I'm Lionel no I'm not leader I'd trustworthy I. It's a movie at. Ha yeah. It's an initiative and I did not choose this lifestyle Chinese Scotts has chosen you as the year of the dock I'm supposed to be a loyal obedient soldier or U I yeah I am honest so am I Carol's mad panic. I'm the policy making that might be okay you're tackle give you that you. Thailand Chinese New Year you gave everybody a two dollar bill which was the ban don't know why. I'm not supposed to give it out because I've given away my back lot are my good luck and give it a light my good luck because I'm younger. So somebody why there is supposed to give TCU. Curse us and nobody else. All of that's why your life has been so terrible all right now ever sit and flat after this year and not that by. And premiere yeah.