Intern Kevin Gets Soaked

Tuesday, February 7th

Intern Kevin went outside in the rain and wind to help tell Sacramento that The End has moved to 106.5! But poor Kevin wasn't able to stand the elements for very long:


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It's a wake up call thank you to those of you found us we have moved the and moved we moved the and moved everyone moved we all move. 1065. The end our new home the app is the same the phone number so different 7661065. To text number. Is 733. It and sends out. India OK Tom. The only guy I think it's gonna also at all rob. Rob so off we. Heaven well we mean I am I getting attention we did OK so here's what happened you can. This is very funny utterly adorable little behind the scenes. OK but you know we made this move to have to one a 65 in which is fine I understand why we did and it's complicated. But the company won't give us any money to tell. We did it which is why we do need listeners. On wire grass roots level to really really help us out here if you like it at all or get out please so. We had Kevin maker signed last night. That says the end moved to 1065. And that we're gonna have them stand outside it by traffic. You know and and show everybody this I gonna work out. And that is the plan which we followed through on news he was out there and we just got busy forgot to check in with them. So he come storming in here a few minutes ago I found out why and he's out he's tall he's drying himself off right now. OK now take a listen this is we got this from the FaceBook live video there shooting the this. All other way he's where he's holding his mother's animal prints umbrella. And I'm. Thank you and me our group through local home I don't think I. How many years in a little. Tight and they have a bar and I. Does and the. It current. I look at you squandered an eyes and no way you can Disney's has logged over Owens and you're ends with Kevin Matt just going. Video that you're gonna logical thing by the way text. Rain are hey I am an enemy 7338 I wanted to. They turned him and me. Right I'd lob and I believe it's any it's climb well. I yeah I love my whole flood sides laugh. Hey you're back side however I carry a load I'm thankful you did I'm hale wanna apologize for not checking your daily idealistic pol have you call in and stuff and we were so busy we forgot you're out there are many come barreling near all. Shopping let. I mean does it help that we can say good job Kevin. Yeah all I'm. It slid till listen you're dude don't be mad at us. Okay rebound I'm mother nature that alienates. Curtain and be mad at the company for not giving us any kind of money to advertise that we moved to 16 all they gave us as yet again. And you're supposed to water proved. I mean you were you worried your nice rain jacket Mike Knight strained Jack I would warm my rained boos on my mom took them. Your mom took your radio you're ever even seen her it's gonna take Peres in your your mom the same size range from as a teen finally while I know my feet kind of like push against us and them that but and they battled well yeah about it a White Sox rally was knocked out until one of the very first car that drove by. Hit a puddle like a movie and just drenched yeah I'm genie in congress say sorry or anything you stroll. Off I feel bad for you below gives a good job on me really hits or cab like he's standing on the rain that's great. Used to hang out the ring and splash iPod only can actually make a bigger game is a great is if they show. I mean so aren't you say you use such a good sport you are you know you that an athlete you Larry here are all. You're good sports all your way. You're a good sport and listen. We appreciate you helping us get the word out because lord knows nobody else and me. I'm glad they're forgetting land. You pleased to be after us now US send me on again nine when you're with the equipment as your way to break up. It's. 65 the end.