Intern Kevin's Columbus Day Song

Monday, October 9th

In honor of Columbus Day, we are going to be playing a throwback; listen to Intern Kevin's Columbus Day song!


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Today a Columbus Day some people have today off spray at some people have to work like us and steelworkers. They have to work today Tim yes they deal my husband was. Very unsure of whether it was just go to work today paley it is see I yearly tradition on Columbus staying where. Intern Kevin. Recorded one of his first ever master pieces here for the wake up call that's true. Years ago and I your first one wow what a great memory. And there was sounded like you. Probably yeah like just a baby. And sit in Tehran might it says. I'd sell we have ever I never this well. I Jared here any furniture is very popular. And I'm not sure why all I know I. This is called in turn Kevin's. Columbus Day song of. Dais here. Even though you like me. Another day. News any time. And Liz. I guess Clemens. In that we can. New okay. Man news this. Have of on this day. The Politico are going to say yeah. I love ya we you. Loudon I was sad that didn't go platinum. I'm still happy so that's we never say all the right okay Jerry should go to read oh cool let's do make a list all. Nice saying all right iris oldest will take guy in turn Kevin's Columbus say they sung will putted up and and online dot com. Fred is making the down yeah wolf what have on the calendar yeah costs we'll put nonetheless six by the end app and you can share with all your friends in meek intern ten in the superstar he was born to blow. True you were yeah. And right he's in right and went to aid wish everybody happy Columbus Day happy Columbus Day everywhere. It's by the.