Wednesday, February 21st

Kevin is super jealous of Producer Gabe and we trick him into talking about it with an intervention.


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65 the end intern Kevin is in this morning to morning injuring Kevin de mare named how is everything going its sac state. I'm not marry while. Quickly. Give us they need list of why things are working up via cell it's the parking that's actually as so scarce. I am literally have to go by the elevator wait for a summit to walk out the elevator follow them halfway across the parking lot which takes about five minutes because they lock to really slow and they don't wanna get in my car. I had this parking issue where I've followed her to her car. And then I I was wading birds are back out this other car took my parking lot and I was so mad because this happens often that sacks they and that's what they deal. You know this I did get her license plate numbers so if she ever crossed my path again. A letter now. Okay and this has had you so he'd. Yes they EU should the titans who mailed us to the group to pitching it as something. You need to come on the air to talk about. To pull the curtain back a little bit here on the wake up call what we did was after we get off the air we have a big group discussion of hey here's some things we should talk about the next day a lot of times intern Kevin has to go to class. Soul you know he's not usually a part of the group discussion this listen this is an intervention you know it's not. The intervention is Kevin that we know your jealous of producer. Where's this coming from what it's coming from our. An observation I cannot sell it is we've heard this through the best story you heard the sounds that we've heard from. Outside this room. It's out. If they're not sound pretty doesn't get sound group with none out and listening so much conversation. Here who have been very upset. That producer Gabe has been getting more and more Mike time wobble that that helped win. And that's why it's an intervention I ask you. An intervention and showed it at an event says. He attacks in the gas accused. I love produce a game well we all audio and move on it's we animal lover. Allowing the thing we need producer gave becoming a pet that's buddy did it yourself that day and it ran. Mean are the guys I've ever argued gotten out this that I talked to here you can how that gave the bank gave. True or false Kevin is threatened by who you. Being on this show I wouldn't say threatened but he was kind of shouting at me yesterday for being on too much though I walk. That's our walkers. Those through that while towards the end of the show yesterday I came in here to go. On the air with you guys at your request. And went back in there afterward hey now. You can't object like a walk in there back to the producers studio album and there's. An aura. And there's an or. Kevin is Matt he starts saying. That should have been me. Well love well well well OK okay how to act. Since then he instantly stopped having climbed through a backup. Nose after this fight. It happened where you accused Gabe and stealing your shine we get this million is. Full of content and ideas for the show. Delhi are all stories that would involve you and how much voted for any amount I. Alcoa. You literally were finding any excuse to get anatomy and then I asked when you were leaving and you're like all right. I leave it now he's you'll want meted out at all. Great god didn't say goodbye to anyone why and that's not my boys cabinet that banner so I don't know. Still he said obvious stain two outs out ten I believe and I cannot eyes and oh my god this city needs a day. That's kind of guys that I would not having to out do something I'll regret them and I left. My microphone I'm. Here it makes you hate playing the little kid that all the parents love and you sell in this and that ugly ugly or maybe your job perhaps cost solid non tennis isn't the first time and they you have had some jalla see it I'm not jealous there is room for both of us it's okay and I'm I I feel blame from my latest tight. And only what birth and allowed well. I did that and I'm not prove that you're jealous. Tex to gel the Jerry. EL LY 273389. And enjoy our short film. That I. Hey look made our friend not your Manning you shade that you throw back and gave a dollar. I'm not drawing any sane and proof of that not video slowly change Jerry EL LYE. A 73389. Can't be we love you know like teams out there isn't room for both the BO. And chest and mother has a new baby. It doesn't mean that we love that baby more it's just mean that our heart group cute and speaker. I don't need that laugh.