Interview: Andy Samberg

Thursday, June 2nd

Listen to Gavin's interview with Andy Samberg...

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Andy how Mario. Scenario I'm doing eight thanks so much for coming on and I gamma grades the movies ice sol pop star and last night and the first first concern I have for you is are you aware that there is another movie called pop stars starring Aaron Carter. Purple we are aware we raised our concerns with the studio who assured that it would not be an issue. A concurrent. And that second of all this is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a really long time critic I you know whenever I. The critics go see a screening day they hand out like little cards or notes and I mean you know at the studio doesn't I'm. I I wrote down and I and I mean it as a massive fan of this movie it's like Spinal Tap but for the 21 century. But I mean that's hugely hugely I pray that I obviously mile Pappas the bar for anything like that and it legendary sort of he's been in the same breath as that movie is incredible. Were you aiming for that no word like was that the intention that you guys had. Well we figured we never catch a movie as legendary of that but that because the genre of music we work and is so different and because the landscape of the music world is so different that it was maybe. Finally I think it's time to try doing something even a little bit similar yes that politically correct and opts. And that's I look at it documentary I think that's an art form that one is not easy to do and to nobody really attempts them that much anymore. And you know it's moves like Spinal Tap and all the Christopher Guest movies but see before that is that is another fake music documentary. That was brilliant yeah and this all like right into that and it's it really it's a brilliant felt and the thing I was thinking while watching this was judged insane jealousy. Because you're. The other two guys in the lonely island storm and a key about they are they're your childhood friends right yeah. Explain to me how this happens. How yeah all childhood friends get to your age and just have what is what is probably going to be an insanely successful film on their hands. Well we keep working together it was weird you know we always say well when we earn high school. We heard a big group of friends and everybody was really funny. And then we were just the only three out of everybody has decided to try and do it for a living I mean I think it's an if you are set that time felt documentary comedian but he talks about it this thing. Yeah in that movie he even says like I wasn't even the funniest line doesn't he say something like that. Yes exactly I mean I think we feel that way he's certainly have friends grown up that were hysterical and we're the ones that we would always be excited to hear what they are Stan. But yeah I mean it's just been a dream I don't know how to put it it's been really great we. We got tired of that and all the other which is unprecedented and then you know we kind of were just doing our own thing that we can do before got tired there and it somehow went great and we're just. Brightness for as long as we possibly can with the. It's still isn't a little bit of semi autobiographical. Since not to slam dorm any key about it it's not slam and all but there are not Andy Samberg people knowing Andy Samberg they may not know those guys by name. In its movie about a trio were one guy gets way more famous than the other TO. On and you know balancing holiday and let it isn't a semi out biographical story. I'm semis for sure I mean we know this scenarios that were playing with Bennett I mean. The difference obviously is what we've been saying that the characters in the movie are like if we were not self awareness anyway. So. You know the dynamic. A group and then one person breaking out from the group is also something that's really. Prevalent in. Pop music and in. You know appointment culture and like Destiny's Child at beyond day here you know even as far back in The Beatles or Crosby stills Nash and young you know Genesis people goes all of that kind of a troupe of the music industry that we found really Tuesday. So yeah we have that to draw on in fact that we really are old friends and realized with something fun to drop on an about something you know Judd Apatow produced the movie and it was something you're really encouraged us to lead into that comes to engines jets held it is simulate them. Sure and and by the way. Since jet at a time his name on the movie it was nice to see a jet out tell project they came in under two and a half hours long. Cheryl well to different different count. Yeah totally so like this the question that I had that it's littered it's it's not a giveaway to all it's littered with all kinds cameos from from music store yeah. One person that was missing suspiciously missing is Bieber and the movie definitely has the feel of mocking beavers life do you know how he feels about this movie. We haven't spoken to them about it yet but we certainly. Have no ill will towards him and we hope he likes it and I think you'll find it funny we've worked to have a few times and really liked him. And we like like his music especially his last record I think is really great. They have openly check that out and dig that I mean there's a little bit of that that total similarity. Because you know he put out those two documentaries but it's also like to Katy Perry won in the one direction on an all those things. Debit your character Conner for real though kinda looks Bieber asked you know. Well also limited by the fact that I am. But white and adapt and you know it's. Put a lot of athletic. Katy Perry or beyoncé and I look like just in beavers so it that way it was that and now they're kind of have. Shades of medical more and kind DA in Drake can one direction in all these people kind of swish them altogether. Insert tried to make a piece like about what's happening in pop culture pop music right now. So another thing that I thought of when I was watching the movie is something happens in the movie and honor for real falls from grace a tiny bit and it ends up in Sacramento California. Which is where we are. Now where you are based from but that's that's. Why this is. Well. We grew up in the Bay Area in Berkeley. And we knew we wanted. Hit him in the style the way it would be like Newark now with the nor cal side and maybe like a Bay Area kind of slang. Because we are well versed in it without just kind of funny. As the backdrop for a but then we didn't want it to be. Overtly our hometown so we're like what something just adjacent to the Bay Area that we can achieve is that seems. Jet leftist senator of what we were actually doing and we all spent time in Sacramento and you know they get a vibe there is pretty similar. Protect. Okay good that that went better than I thought I I thought it would if Logan Billick well it's adult. The. Now okay. I look especially OPEC a lot of that out there have been the state fair but it's time. We have a lot of respect. I'll I'll bet you Bada a hilarious teacher did old sack him toward our train museum. Yes indeed and smashed out from corn are the despair. Packer the last suggestion I'm gonna have his. If you'd decide to do a spin off or if you decide to do a sequel this the screening that I was that the little tiny one minute seemed even less than one minute. Of making fun of the TM ZI show has been pretty quick yeah you had you had robbed pupil. Bird Begley Eric Andrei it's this like shorts team and they destroyed. The entire theater it yeah. It Will Arnett at night you'll. Yeah chaos on the app. You do it's been off all hold my documentary about that. I think would be absolutely really your free to have that idea. Well I will tell you that first I agree with you they were so funny and they really light it up every time they're on screen in the movie but we. Shot a hole like a basically all act day with them and just let them go to town so there's a bunch. The scenes. Not in the movies that are maybe the funniest that they did that's going to be on the extras when it becomes about you know online and on dvds it so. You have that look forward to I would say probably some of the hardest laps we had while shooting our poll from when we were shooting with those guys. How might I can't wait to see them the hardest laps I had from the whole movie was was from those scenes and it's seven baby got a cup but I I get it now I think around that time but Andy did it is pop star is is their hilariously funny movie congratulations. Thank you so much there really appreciate and so. And thanks for coming out of got a great movies I've won the CMZ short documentary comes out please come back on. If you you've got it and you big shout Sacramento.