INTERVIEW: Bruce Campbell

Friday, August 18th

Listen to Gavin's interview with B-Movie superstar, Bruce Campbell...

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Morning Bruce. But on down the incredible Bruce Campbell thank you so much Turk Telekom Gavin great movies how aria. Well you know I want to talk to somebody in Sacramento. I mean that's a great question. But so many people doll. Could Fatah will be here we go by golly. Well you I have a new book coming out it's been that would that fifteen years since your last book. Yeah it was time for a sequel. It is time for a sequel this one's called hail to the chin. Follow up to your your all their book home got I act I have it it's chin. It is just that's ahead of obtaining a movie actor. Yes so. And when you wrote it's chimp could kill. Fifteen years ago. If it feels like it's Saddam that is that almost a different point of your career and the last fifteen years. I mean how I speak for you but it seems like it's been kind of good for you right. It's been actually probably I guess a little more mainstream. Us being you know being on like Fargo. Or doing Bobo -- percent they would you know there's still a lot to be movies and their but probably burn notice slip through you know they hit show on cable. So they're there wasn't as much blood and they the next fifteen years I guess you could say but they're now I'm back on as for his legal that I taken out back. Black candidate I can't even think straight. Ash vs evil dead even though it's it's evil dead even though it's it's there you know splatter gore best. I mean it's a really well done show so it. Is this the first time thankfully did reviewers can't make by the cheesy special effects. No certainly not an end and it's legitimately. Scary I remember the first time I saw evil dead. A friend of mine showed to me is what I was like maybe a freshman in high school and we we he remedy we rented evil dead and he told all of us that it was a really scary movie. And and it's not especially when your fourteen year old boy and game you have your arms crossed because nothing scares you at that point. But but ash vs evil dead I had moments federal legitimately scary was that like an intentional. So we wanna kind of popped them up a little bit. We're worried about rubbing that they humor. Can help it beat carnage in the made him go down but we want them these Dave or to be real. Little dose of humor. Sure I mean you succeed in that do you talk at all about. Sure a producer for the root for the remake of evil that correct. Yet you talk about that experience at all in your new book. I do because you know fans by the news flash or evil dead is back on stars is because of the fans incessant pounding out spur another evil dead. You know they wanna be voted for evil good or evil every convention they went to the elderly that. But there may be making movies that are 200 million dollars now are we gonna make a hundred million dollar evil dead. I don't think so. So weak that let's give him remake you know let's let's let's have a new director revenues BL. And honestly I think that movie if you didn't see the other evil dead movies you'd you would just watch it is a legitimate cool creepy. Movie well I. People wanted a little more they wanted dashed back and so we gave it to. I I would use the word creepy to describe the remake of evil dead it was it was one of the most gruesome horror films I've ever seen I would listen up got I've. I've freaking loved it and and I love. I obviously I mean. Op I loved the original evil dead trilogy but but that remake was just like on a relenting how good Howell. I totally and you know that definitely Alvarez landed you don't read Beckett got talent there's he'll be around for a long time. You know what he's working on next. Whatever he wants. Yeah that's true because they'll breed made the sack full cash at a cost like twelve dollars you know he's he's got to figure out. Are you guys got to make are you intend gonna produce another. Sequel to the evil dead remake. What I don't think they universe is dead yet you know that they made 97 million dollars or around the world so. It east silly not to offer up another one the trick now is the C word where you go with their universe do you follow. You know Jeanne Levy and her new Turkey if she's great she's a great actor it's yeah. So I'd love I'd love to actually see her continue to via email at skipper. Maker of fallout superhero. He's done it. The first movie you earn your stripes right you know you've survived particularly the bit that the mouse should be like Vietnam veterans should be top. To be ready for this so I'd like I like to see who we can explore their and then we're gonna see it started gonna pick up. But he's of four of that residual that we don't know yet. I mean I know both those things. Happened preserved there insanely. Entertaining. And so what are some other things that we can expect in your new book I hailed the chin makes me think that you're gonna get into politics a little bit in this book. No no no that was bill politics that it is by Brooke is zero politics some on the one actor who doesn't talk about politics. So no it's a fund brought any adventures shooting movies in Bogota Colombia. So do you Bulgaria being chased around by packs of wild dogs. Visiting the troops in Iraq in 09 was pretty. Memorable. So us up like that a lot of whatever jumped out as a strange experience or something out of the ordinary. Why. What's one thing in your career. That you haven't done yet that you want to DO. I think show tunes really. No no no. I'm actually fine the united had a chance within the industry to direct and write and produce and reading books is very satisfying is it not only very personal. Others fewer ships involved. You know I mean yeah that you make a movie there's a lot of opinions you make it 200 million dollar movie there's even more opinions about what to do with your movie so when you write a book you know he hit a couple of notes from your editor and you move on. It's not the much pressure it's more enjoyable and touring I always enjoyed doing so thirty more cities this year. I'll fur of her books linings and it. Other let's let's cool are you coming anywhere in your side and I. Let's say you know Bruce Broussard and Campbell back on the it'll be the other links to all the stories. Cool air around them were on the march. On the what about how long does it take you typically to write a book. Been in the book I guess. This one was a couple of years because that part of up with a guy Greg Sanborn that was seven troubled by the time because that was working actor. But it still wanted to write a book so. But that I would would this guy that we left to Portland where he lives and we just recorded stuff for two weeks you know but just stories and anything I can remember him. In the transcribe it then we would start take a whack to chapter so you it was a process but a fun one. Do you do you like the process of writing. I do I get up early anyway so nobody Boggan hit like 5:6 in the morning so I'll write until about eleven or twelve. In my brain is fried you know blood mobile on or something. So after you do that much writing how much of that writing ends up in in a book. You know EA trying to override all is and then you go back in the go I would trim the fat here and you really get done there was so it's kind of a 23 step process worked. You wanna vomit it out and that limit yourself just laser upright with a big you know it's his word processing. I can kill anybody. And you go back and go hide that. Let's leave it because they came out but I thought or are now at streaming out. So did did get perspective than you read your book a little bit later to go OK let's get in there Hathaway. Is it easy for you to hack your own stuff like I know that if I if I try to write some thing. I am a terrible. Critic and editor of my own study years up yeah I got a handed out here. Hard to edit. Yeah it is his first because you you feel that you were just so damn precious right but after awhile the more you're right you go look it's not about. Making. Insulting your own words are editing your own words just don't worry about it it's not everything is gonna step that it it is going to be compared to vote. If they're just words. At the end of the day. Yeah for me I got handed off to my wife I I know she's way Smart that I am so she always makes great point of why some things should come out. This should GE. Have been married for 26 years. All that's that's great it's so what is. Hollywood years that's being married like fifty years. Totally still like what is. I mean is there a secret like why can't Hollywood couples make it work. Because they AM. I think Dubai and all the baloney that's involved. You know my wife travels would mean a lot my dearest I that the one thing I lucked out on the is I am I married a woman who doesn't like the same thing over and over again. So by Haywood had a cubicle job we'd be divorce. As I grabbed her joke my we're going to Sofia Bulgaria. C'mon we're going to Bogota Colombia as she's like okay let's go up my bags races you great great partner. Wow that's great abide I would imagine that your sex life is quite interesting at this point if she gets bored by the same thing over and over again. Asia now that's another government faced. That the and improves ot I mean I'm I'm absolutely thrilled that they you know you still take time out to to come on you know a little shows like this and and and talk about your your book it's. It means reluctant to the bands and we appreciate. There was an advertising might there was this Detroit mad men. From the 50s60s and seventies and his billion dollars Tellme said Bruce do you do to best work out there but nobody sees what the hell's the point. So you know when actors don't promote step I go are you embarrassed. Them. The united McCain yeah I don't it's silly to put restrictions that now but there's not a good idea to do interviews so you have to deal with that too but test. Top. Yeah that's true. I hopefully I'm not on the I category yet not only did an interview still going on you don't know what I'm gonna sing and act it. On it are you are you kind of over the whole comic con seemed. Or do you still really get a charge out go. Okay it's it's always changing what's amazing is now. I'm doing at the end Houston coming up they endemic. It's. You know would Norman reason guys like that so there always creating new conventions. Trying to remake themselves and here's what's been interesting in the old days have been doing conventions since about 88. And in the old days you go in and it was people who weren't shows from 2030 years ago. If you are a bird word and you know Adam West they gave Dylan. Now you've got. You know move for a no from the old days sitting across from Norman reason John Bryant saw you know the modern day heartthrob and its people now from. Active shows the Stephen Immelt this shows that are on the air right now as well as the old shows so they have a better mix now to the green rooms are great at these conventions. Like going to get a cup of coffee in the green room you got a virus. You know put this sweetener and her coffee mixes Standley used to happen in a chair adopt them. Man I I don't know how Stanley does it. I is how these. Well here's why I believe it's not how it that is why he does it. And I have learned from all these old commerce chatter to Chad at least six he's unstoppable. I think what did the lesson they're teaching a solid you do lose it. I I mean you know stand instigated yes. Up on that plane it keeps him physically moving he's answering questions he's doing interviews is brain is working. I know right he's there and it's keeping them alive so that you stopped dead. Yeah totally absolutely. While well leader now breast job at a convention. Let's hope that doesn't happen for very long time but if you are gonna drop dead it absolutely should be a big convention. Let's hope you don't that you don't lose it and you continue to use it too because we love it when you do Bruce Campbell thank you so much for coming on Gavin grades movies man. Much.