INTERVIEW: David Lowery

Thursday, July 13th

Listen to Gavin's interview with director David Lowery...

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Director Dave Lowry director of a ghost story in theaters now thank you for coming on DeVon grades the movies man how Lorena. I'm doing very well thank you very much. Okay cell op right I need to say right off the back when I sat down for a ghost story I had. Absolutely no idea what I was in store for and I don't think I've been as pleased with a film in recent memory that I had no expectations for going into as I was for your fell ill. Wonderful man I I'll tell people before that you electors cast a ballot applications are your mind you'll enjoy even more because it really does. Even Burmese border dispute there's expectations very quickly. That was back kind of the intention. It wasn't the intention but I knew going in Europe from the get over the Serbian movie that it was for better or worse very unique and I wanted to make something that. Would make me happy at the moviegoer I already guilty that this would be you know surprised to hear provoke me and make me feel like harassing them had never seen before and that is what I he Galilee go to the movies which are my favorite thing is here and I wanted to make something that would satisfy me more than anybody else I remembered I would like Bernard going to watch and I'm glad that other people also doing what I liked. Yes it was I mean I have definitely never seen anything like that. Now you shouldn't I like advertising can be sometimes misleading and sometimes it's that intentionally. And on the trailers for ghost story make it seem like it might be a movie about. A woman dealing with the death of off her husband. As the husband is kind of forced to watch from the afterlife. But it's not that and and I I don't wanna say too much about it because it was one of those things were I was really pleased. At the direction that it took but it is very much from the ghosts perspective. But it is a way broader story then then I. Ever could have imagined it was going to be and I think that's really brilliant but that must've made it difficult. Did tip pitch to people for financing I mean what kind of drug problems did you have going into it for that. Well drew one. I'm probably going hi my career we had absolutely no problem whatsoever because. My producers. Harder to be Albert and I we financing and ourselves. With two other friends and we you know we don't want to spend time trying to kinship between you would be difficult to hear like let's just. Make it is officially volunteers do it on our own terms and that's. That's how earlier so quickly and kind of get it up and running so quickly that deleted didn't have to go talk to anybody about it. How much money did you did you raise how much do they actually cost. We're at that point Warsaw is assailant it was like he was very very exemplary and it was like you know about a lot of good at Disney movie and it cost. Far less than one day has been talking about it so it was very it was very micro budget. Al that's him that's that's super impressed that I mean the whole thing feels eerie and the whole thing and that Timmy did their part to that there were extraordinarily. Sad. Do you view it as a sad film or do you view it. What what what emotion were you feeling when making a ghost story. Below are making yes I what is it. It's weird when you're making it something you sort of forget about how emotional might be because you're so focused on the technical things they're the schedule it and it's very rare and actually shooting that I could get caught up in the emotions. Of that all of it on the net making so little until it was done. You know when we heard. Finishing at the movie first Sundance last December that I watched all the way through and actually had an emotional experience. And what I was hoping. Would that it would incomparable sort of martian. I feel it. It's a movie that allowed you to laugh at the beginning and that laughter then bring it to end it opens the door or all sorts of other feelings and and that encompasses. Sadness and years and ultimately I think. Relief and a little bit of hope I find the ending very comforting but some of my doubt that the movie's sort of track. The five stages of grief and I didn't do that essentially I think it kind of does follow that pattern in terms of looking Gus journey has. Yes so I mean not not to get too dark but. But my. Might do my daughter passed away and watching the film. I I don't want to say that it was cathartic watching it by it gives you a perspective. Of the afterlife because. For anybody who's ever lost a loved one but especially a child you wanna believe that there are still part of your life. And one of the set and remember I I loved this film or one of the things that was very. Tragic for me as the father of of a child that's no longer alive. Is seeing a film from from the after lights perspective. That shows sometimes that it's it's tragic and it's sad and and you know in some cases never ending your or email. And it it's a perspective. That is certainly unique but it's it's almost funny to me that you couldn't live. Thought like has got to be really sat like this seemed that this field where they're the two goes from talking to each other. The united at I don't wanna say what what is said but it's a short scene and a first I'm sure I'm sure you know that but it'll get a chuckle at first. On led by the end of that scene it made me tear up big time I mean was the it was that the intention. Of of that scene. No way if somebody had just kept happening and being concerned that scene was indeed a little bit of comic relief I just wanted to allow audiences against still be able the last. And it is now actually wound up taking it very sad turn. Even while we're shooting before that dialogue with the mayor because you know obviously we shot without an iPod there and talking Google's got a lot of them see it right. And little while we're shooting and just that degree of connectivity that you directors had started off being very charming and it has made a lot but. And we shot the scene and the wayward shooting just took on this sadness and that image of the goes. Across the way you know at the house next door resisting any of that window whether it was very very sad and melancholy. And the thing that I I was thinking about was that it. You know telling the story from the goes perspective. Is. Inherently bad it is inherently. You know from a human perspective that the idea that our loved ones stick around. Is comforting and it. Also I think. You know. Just feel better about that law. But if you look at it from people aside and there's that sense that you know. Those loved ones don't belong here anymore this is not visible world of the living buddhas world for the living at that time there's there's been this kind of Groupon. And restored from that perspective. And I wanted to give his character you know a chance to move on to be turned down at the beginning of the movie and the rest of the film is all about them just realized that he doesn't belong here anymore he needs to let go he needs to go to whatever is next. Hi this is the neighbors there for a candidate that is dear to me after. So by saying that other one it's like that the cautionary future of of him. You know for the last line I don't wanna say about last line is but man it was it it's a gut punch when you when you see at least it was for me. On some Sherry Ed people are being asked in this but I haven't I haven't heard the answer. Is Casey Catholic under the sheet and every shot. Is sort of not they did not exciting answer widget that you under a lot of time but not every shot and I'm a little like a lot of bike they would when he isn't it it ultimately didn't matter we realize while we're shooting it but it could have been anyone but it was important the most important case you that you Wear flashy and and also the time that you wasn't on there it was a little bit sad that we are. We're equating his garment to somebody else. Well and so for the black underneath the sheet that look at like its just simple thing it's just a white sheet with a black guys but. Well I'm looking at a during certain scenes and end its like like a block. Almost like a Muslim like underneath the big war they war or was that worth their eyes in those holes that at any point during shooting. No way you're exactly right like a black mother of 100 as you can see through a little bit but beyond just you know that it's an entire helmet. That hole into the faces you know keep this pace attack because it is sort of let you know your head. I turn this was very quickly and they thought alignment and we had to have. As an immense amount of structure underneath the sheet Jews. Keep in shape of the ghost and tapped to keep his eighty symmetrical to keep that side looking like I. And so it was a very complex costing her very uncomfortable up here and you're shooting in Texas thing you know 110 degree heat so wasn't exactly the most pleasant outfit to Wear well I would are fired at me you look at simple outlook. It's gotten really that she'd bet you don't cover human forget that so we did build these giant you know. Bolt of fabric from scratch it would be just the right way and just the right color and just to regulate so to achieve that and put your fired. An immense amount of work like our designer and Oliver did a wonderful job. I didn't know any of that and I am I'm thrilled to hear that I hope that it that a ghost story. Gets nominated for. For best costume. Because I I want to. I what people all over America to be like. It's just a sheet. And then hopefully a quick Google search will lead them to this interview and find out now it's way have been more complicated than what you think it is. Yeah I I would love you girl that I could and I think it's well deserved. Yeah that I mean that I didn't know about any of that and to go through that much effort to make something so simple appearing I think is brilliant. And you've real fast then our around that time it that you brought up you know the Disney those Pete's dragon which shot which I loved I mean that the opening. Five minutes of Pete's dragon I actually thought it could've BS could have been a standalone short film. On and it is the opening scene actually made me cry when I when I saw that but what you have coming up. You're doing it again and you're doing another live action live action adaptation which is Peter can't. And what is it about that front. Go ahead sorry what I just wanted to know what it was about that project that that three to. You know what all the personal auto greatly important to him I loved to extract it and they love it we really just had a great time making and we went and did you know. Stay together and make another film together as quickly as possible. And that was one of the you know they're they're prepared. You're going back there librarians and that you version of all the clock animated films and that was one that was on the docket. And I've always loved that movie I've been obsessed with the idea of not growing up since I was a kid immediately. Children and children at heart are. And absolutely natural editors select the right wanted to make and I don't know what it's gonna happen exactly we're still working on the screenplay but that's definitely you know I've got the script over to my hotel are right now and I'm we're glad that. Is it going to be musical. Slowly will not be you know the original cartoon had very little music you know there's like the ones musical number. We can fly and I'm sure I'll make an appearance and then the other the other musical numbers in the film are probably best left on talked about exactly that form Q our modern standards of what is. Leo what is appropriate. Lately and talk about about the Indian song which which might which is so easy to get stuck in somebody's head and then they sing it out loud and then people look at them. You know with hateful lies. Yeah it's pretty did a pretty terrible song. While that I mean I'm I'm really looking forward to that are you gonna make it. Are you kind of I don't wanna say that you know it's your films have like a melancholy that run through them but their. I don't know war what emotion on trying to get through to that but it's Peter Pan. Going to feel a lot like Pete's dragon or it's gonna be small and there's going to be I found a sadness to it. Or is Peter Pan going to be hopeful and an effervescent. I wish I could they would I think I have. I look at your candidates give very melancholy story and that's my perspective and so much. Under humor it on the people who like good luck. But there's an inherent melancholy UB competent avoided issues. Not to grow up prize in the development involved although the other team does not stay in London when the egos he would like neverland and that the very. There's a status so that they hadn't I can't help lead in the. We'll figure I mean are great director and I and I really love your films. I give Disney a lot of credit as well for for taking a risk with somebody like you were they they could. Easily just find somebody they'll make I'm happy go lucky Peter Pan movie and you know a lot. Did the just something that's for popcorn choppers and that's about it but I I appreciate that they're taking a risk. With somebody like you that old deal. Are filled with emotion that that audiences may not feel great about afterwards but but will be appreciative of what they say. I I love affair will open that it well it just that means so much to me and think that there's let's. Great Kansas cinema that's studio and I think you know they want to make all types of sounds within under the Disney banner. And so I applaud them for being you know Bogans my version of duty cop. Yeah David Lowery dude thank you so much as sorry about all the technical problems making you wait but I appreciate you hanging on forming. A ghost story is in theaters now. I really hope that it pops up again Oscar season because it's an important film that I feel like a lot of people should watch thank you for coming on Gavin grade the movies man. Thank you so much there really appreciate it.