Interview: Elvira

Tuesday, October 25th

Listen to Gavin's interview with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark...

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This Richard Peterson who plays Elvira how Oreo. I'm dead and busy. Just around the corner. I can see that this is your timing year. It. And you have a new book out that's pretty exciting. Did the book is called the is it called Elvira mistress of the dark. Yeah I'd say it says. Big large format hop from table book. July oh I see what you did there. And it's Scott Blake Cooper 350. Pictures of yours truly. From the very beginning of my career which started 1981. Up until the present day so I'm. I just think the other characters are changed and evolved and you know for anybody was the end of horror Halloween or double off. Movement. It's kind of makes fantastic. 1981. 35 years. How how old is how does that happen in it seemed like there are only. A few people that enjoy careers that long. And you got lucky enough to be one of them how do you go PG started off as like just a local TV character right. Yeah I was discussing. Living so local TV station here in Los Angeles and down. I don't know I don't know I know it happened but. It just it just kind of took off immediately I was not prepared for it. And I I think Helen continues to go and it's it's brewing. It just kind of attached to a holiday you know so he's an. Daylight Elvira during the rest of the year Halloween or. And then back again. Candidate if they're closet Halloween you know. You kind of all are like we have like you know the monsters and stuff like that but they're not real characters that I can talk to. I'll buy is a real character. You light that you can kind of take a hiatus. The other eleven months and and then October you are all about Elvira. Delegate the funny part is I don't take a hiatus so where children god. I wish that the other eleven months getting ready for Halloween and that is the merchandising. And licensing and the television shows that you are the films of the books and putting together or the music that I do. It's a little. Stuff you know for Elvira. So with that except the rest of my years just prepping for Halloween and then of course and Halloween rolls around which there was three is needed because. I have so many picks during that month that I can hardly keep output it. I'm sure what is what is and some of the hardest. Parts of maintaining back character's popularity for 35 years. I think address what you want. That act. Yes I say you are every much. Of a knock out now as you ever work and I note I'm trying not to be big issue about I'm sure you've done lots of interviews they get like that but for a lot of people me included. You were the introduction for a lot of boys and girls. Into the hold gothic sexuality which is very much a big part of our that's got to be an honor of for you right. Yeah. Eight doubt it has been a big part of a lot of people have grown rapidly. If they've been around 35 years a lot of my fans of course were born and hit a the way after I began canister. And and they ask you about this particular of the world. Where they always known Elvira. And usually they're browns so. It's safe to drink my money since they're getting younger and younger for awhile there. Let me set up making that effort that guy off they're getting older you know and all of a sudden the. Lyle either. Okay sorry I think had dropped out their respective. On the first thing. Isn't 5:30 this morning and I thought it starting to die. Are now oh OK okay. We'll try and it will try to wrap it up shortly year do you still stay. Up to date with horror films like you use still. You know I think they'll look. Glad that I felt was too which is which is I thought that come out that. That was much in my real help to feel old classic films today and I'm really loved those films like films that I can. They and get some humor out of so a lot of those that are out there today although there's some good and they're not really. And you. Kind of like it certainly will help. Although the one you know there you know the which definitely felt kind of like one of the old Mike universal horror films where was very atmospheric and very scary. Yeah and it was like this it as sad that I have this theory. You know old I don't know. It like it as a serious story that we tell around a campfire. And that's what I think I really like those kind of spooky. Story is not so much about the PGA and other special effects. No I totally agree with you how do you feel that I universal is Conrad rebooting all the old universal monster movies. I'm thrilled. I mean I just can't believe that they that they haven't done it's what they waited for this so I. And absolutely thrilled. See any of these that as people mustard you know make it come back because. There aren't people's subconscious for Everett. Ever going to go away and so they really need to utilize those to bring those out for a whole new generation. Totally and I'm excited to see how they're gonna mix all of the films together kind of like what marvel dies you know with crossover I'm. I'm very interested to see that and Elvira did you are literally a legend in oh so it's it's really cool free to take some time out. Even with the dying founded to come on downgrades Moody's. I didn't expect that that I was so sorry. I didn't take her at thank you for doing this interview. Absolutely in your your book is out now Elvira mistress of the dark. Are we didn't get it on Elvira dot com at a at a local bookstore is Cuba. You guys all over the place this man's. Very cool I'll have a happy league. And it.