Interview With Kathy Griffin

Friday, May 19th

Listen to The Wake Up Call interview comedian Kathy Griffin. She will be doing a show at Memorial Auditorium in Grass Valley, Friday June 16th:


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IB and I'm certain you have just spend behind you for this moment your entire life. I go. When you don't want the bad blood one auditorium and that. What you would I question for you know exactly how. Hello Kathy Griffin's. Well no no no. I'm not in and that's the beautiful part had sanctuary wanted to talk to you need to cancel the show or ask Kelly goes under. Or. You guys come I think guaranteed the protest. Non well yeah when Sonny. Please tell me that you have up a red. The fight terror as the current president says I was either dead I didn't he bit. I've idea and I am having fun they're getting in fact can I ask you ask you because he hedges. She I've heard this you weren't here. Us. I know like I know these guys have committed your job and you get updated yeah what did you stop but cattlemen have respect for being a little. I did. Know that you. Yeah that's the good. And I actually called it. I can get out here. Issue that Clinton did it probably got so us. And he'll come out and she said. And because they've gone. I'm which is very corny but does the latest. Mom's house my mom and that he's seventeen and I guess she did you know what you shouldn't about a particular attention. Did you why issue does your own OK. So we should know. See trunk and second for the rest of our own I tell you about it. I doubt about it. I think I'm a big thank you wish you. Did you go to alcoholic. You flooding my dad. I've got let's talk about the wind today I get happy. Isn't pay of their rights. My album crazy not quite picking mother who wanted to eat. And I believe it like here. I don't think she could sit there PD is and then she did you know that he be allowed them the TV so I didn't say that I got yeah. The tree basically but kept. Exactly and even already enjoy out. My mother came out a couple of weeks ago. What can I could try and terror and I'm not trying to act like I can keep up the passion that I can't but I actually called compassion and the. And I said I haven't maybe the security. That she is feeling a little blue tissue as you get my mom did. So I immediately said. Maybe immediately. Texas a baby fat limit not wrapped a little saves. And that there are pictures that ally in the end that I. I live. Fairly inappropriate. And she has hit feet yeah and my. My dad that's sort of the children how would your father Kenya. And not love yeah. Yeah yeah NN and reunites. Him and know well we Chile to see Grass Valley. I'll be at the Pentagon auditorium on Friday June 16 at 8 PM we'd come to know. Well because they can't wait. To talk whose eyes.