INTERVIEW: Kumail Nanjiani & Emily V. Gordon

Thursday, July 13th

Listen to Gavin (and Katie) talk to Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, the co-writers of The Big Sick...

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How Leo. Oh good thank you so much for coming on Gavin grades the movies. I am actually going to be doing this interview with my co host Katie as well because she's a huge fan. You two and and she has a lot of like you decent questions for you guys as well. I. Yeah your movie that can theatres right now the big stick and what I love about this is it is. It is unfolding as one of those great independent films stories where. Gil as goes through the the the festival's. Gets them by. They start rolling it out critics fall in love with that limited release gets even more byes and your about to go why dry. We are about to go find out what what about ago a lot more than twice as wide as they've said our goal was. Limited but yeah when he my god what they need 599. I'm almost 28 under all that big old you know if we can get to a thousand that would be one mile or and I opened it. When he picked. You. Transformers. Numbers. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I wouldn't let little ball. You need to sort did you ever have a thought of what we just put the transformer in this movie. We'd get more theaters. Yeah yeah and I'm really opt out like it but quite a bit short irons and an uber drivers and we out of his car could just be. Now so glad we didn't get I didn't get totally yeah I was wondering. Our aid in here. And then making a sequel for no reason. Yet the big guy and you can't I'm the first one but it isn't equally prevalent. In an and the Bible because god in the galaxy rings. Yeah Big Ten that search for curly goal and then I love Bob he could. Now here that they check out foul pole oh I know how he got so let's let's talk. Out this movie on the Buckeyes. My parents. Are absolutely head over heels in love with this film. And they have been made they made it their mission in their retirement community to make sure all of their friends go to see it which is adorable all thought they might parent. What did see it. Without even. Asking me he how was first. Wow out of the week. An older people posted an ad giving older and older people Nvidia makes it quite happy. And it will be abandoning them. Car com. Yeah we laugh but other than that it. We cannot contain app or the other mad at the pretty clean and via. We helium there is. When you were making this though because this is is that I know it's based on the true story how true does again. I'm I would get beat by with an interest 60%. Yes OK to be our present. On the but it is so it does does done. She does that your character it took to mail your your love interest in the movie which. It cop played by you Amelie but is based on you this year of this in the same condition that you had. Yes I have that we we wrote it in Libya if we thought it was either keep that aren't accurate as he heavily in the movie hasn't been an inside. Which is called stills disease right. Adult onset so busy that that form of rheumatoid arthritis potentially. That caused you to go into a medically induced coma how. If you are having. He means when you diagnose originally and what brought you to that diagnosis. Well when I was Baghdad that's why I was. And of course along with because they did not it's a very very rare condition and it can look like a lot of other saying no they thought. They thought I think I had to vote yeah really really. Terrible form a new nuggets felt they put me in Lakeland had to kind of stabilized meet the latest movie the comedy we. It. But they've they've let me get caught it like it but it had been that long to kind of figure out what it was it's a really really rare condition now that would when I was diagnosed and that's why I was. So that they get to know how to treated at first. You know I have to say come out I was reading some your tweets last night and I actually found myself getting very emotional. And what the that tweets that really got me pretty choked up. Was I am that through this process. Emily had met someone else with this condition for the first time. Yeah I mean that's how rare that is that we don't yet we're never that they bring together so there was a woman. At a QNA after a screening who did happen that that she also had a busy and I nature of people tracked her down I can hug her. I wanted to hug when that happened I'd never done that before. Kidnapped that my cell my daughter has had a at several open heart surgeries and what I read Dennis. I remember the first time I met other parents whose kids have the same condition. And it is all. Like meetings someone that speaks. I language. That nobody else has been able to speak she and I just made me feel. Very grateful for you that you don't have that experience and then for the woman to have an opportunity to meet you so I Boone. That alone holding is a big take away from Nantes. I'll thank you in exactly right that same language thing is it is absolutely correct in coming I hadn't been able articulate but that that's perfectly put it. He had made that there was the couple married couple in the media have now is that they have I just elbowed each other countries that ball. The ball moving that they related soul part of that go to bed early diagnosis that back then that. And that's so it's so great that you guys were able to take that experience and that story and find funny and it. You know leg act like we there it seems like it's different cult. To find a good original. Comedy. That comes from pain. In a lot of cases like between between being KD. Like she's had a daughter it's had three open heart surgeries and I actually lost my daughter she was she was still born. And if you have to let you but as awful as these situations all art it is so therapeutic to find. Is still find some thing funny in it because that is that is such healing process and that comes across in your story it really does. Especially in New Orleans where you guys are in the hospital all and like just the way eating it in the hospital all. It was just done to solve. Perfectly. It kind of thank you girl come I'd hear what you have that feeling of like your wedding baron if they'll think nobody's telling you anything that you. Now that it's so frustrating when you elect someone that old with us this verdict then and we we know now. The hospital hours are the longest hours. Love your entire. Life you're like I don't somehow minutes are longer in this building. And did your asleep maybe Ali can I ask you a question so. So called bill's the star of the film. And you are not the star of the film with them as little of interest so you had to where you part of the casting to find out who was gonna play you know who is going to be making out with your husband. And how did that process go. I mean yeah. Absolutely it it would the only I didn't do we were all credit involved in the casting her all the characters. They didn't like leave it up need to find the heavily but I didn't go to the addition. The debate I didn't I thought I beat back that uncomfortable but when I watch the tape to the addition I was like. I've made a huge mistake at that have been terrible what I died and these gorgeous Hollywood actor. Four hours on I'm planning them by that is the. Aren't going to get what point do you like why the person who's playing you know too. I mean that not look like a modest start but you don't want them to be like to cut too hot Eric. Like there's real razors edge there I would imagine. A. You know now as director of the movie ultimately won the chemistry because that you wanna be able to get to go to wanna see it it it could simply enter into this and I never imagined myself being again but I'm really not know he got them the old organ that. I don't know how well actually yeah we are talking about that before you around the yeah oh yeah. Wondering how appropriate it would be to talk about how hot your wife and it sure is Arianna it's true and I'm. You really. The end let's talk. Out there the rest of the cast for a second yeah I mean. Holly Hunter whose incredible and everything but you have Ray Romano as well kind of like rounding out this like awesome like core cast. Where did where did how did you broke those two win. I put them we would sit smaller. You know it out and what happens now involves so obvious there was no choice but acquire all of the all of it but body under was. Surprised by it then opted Billy event happily get sent her new look at midnight letter to a that we can that we sent it to a wood into the left. And the only talk on the phone and in that debate. And then on to elect about a month ago and my outlook. Did you like that you'd want her. Yeah the leather. It's great. If they leave your feelings feel about the wreck a way that they are being portrayed on the screen. I'm wolf we did and we worked really hard to kind of walked into the whole process once we get him to do is getting made and let us know we we want. Now let it changes the story lines that where. They weren't they weren't going to be tried anything when they watch it and mine my mom's comments lies. Holly hundred prettier than be by your spotter is where hint of that rate. Say well I mean to make it like mail that mail they've big huge mistake of telling Ray Romano that everybody brings up navy every day. I'm like I don't about it and men are. On. The last thing I'll talk about animal let you guys go was done. I'm so glad that this that this movie is is becoming a head and and not just for you guys which I've had been a huge fan of coup mail firm firm a really long times those Katie. But I've been a huge fan of Michael Showalter fur really long time. And I'm glad like I love all of his films I loved his work on the state and I'm and like if there's ever been. And and David Wayne as well I I'm so glad that like something is building toward a really big hit for them in now. And how did you hook up with him he's the director of the film by the way for anybody denial. Yeah I mean you know I mean you tablet with a big out of the day back in the day and let us Americans aren't. And that would be looking at the ball very volatile. Our were armed movie that and canal. I had already earned him. Canal had written he had a shot at a called Michael Michael have issues that canal route for our it was his first job and showed it actually that we just kind of struck up a friend that went and got like eight years ago that we have known him for awhile back when he was. What we thought hello my name is Doris Patricia Walters that he before our -- a he's gonna be able to do that we knew we could do the comedy. But that movie so lovely and and that haven't suites that we knew he could kind of handled a more dramatic parts to tell you the perfect set. Awesome well Amelie and who now. Your your film is the big sick it's in theaters now it's gonna be written. Even more theaters soon thank you so much for Coleman to GAAP agreed to the movies and good luck with everything. Thank you oh.