Interview: Sharlto Copley

Friday, April 21st

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Then I would it result so yes. Sure cope with a shot at but the solid nobleman Charles tell Charles they'll probably. Shark shark coupling. Not only now are shocked though shall. Yeah. And that. Shall there. I am I. Embarrassing but I just had to expand thirty seconds on how to pronounce your name. I'm a huge fan but I never knew how to pimp out your name properly. You run into battle. It's it's OK you know a lot of I put out in my how much would page on the chin in my case I can name. If you can't pronounce mine so it's. It's a common stumbling block. Really sell like hold your choppy you'd be okay with baton. The. Yeah meant yet and it's it's it's it's some of the road Americans that are in the middle it because Americans in the American dialect you would basically. I've I've I would I would you were different dialects people. And being any you know trying to find the best way to tell Americans how to pronounce my name and one of them. Is actual and it's slowed how how disturbing is that. I think he can do just facial and towed away you would like social would you would weigh at your cloak and can I combine those you need to be short but. Yes it there's something. And about that are that mesa Islam pronouncement so badly that's really funny I mean it. I would expect Americans just to hit to our unity bush also. That's just look at these mile Italy and. That sharp blow cold les let's are good at the half half. So that's that's I. I have no problem with that that's actually that's actually a totally legit pronunciation yet that would have been a problem had much much more confusing and and Edmonton much more butchering of the name. What you're here to talk about your new film free fire which I had a chance to see an eighty's I mean you're you're no stranger to like crazy films and this one's justice crazy. I'm a senior year of the easily best part about it but what is it do you seek out films. That are just kind of knots like as far as like what are you trying to cool off. But. That I mean I wouldn't he could amount to I did. Nosedived on. Is lost you know whatever which was which is a family you know it's sort of come and joy on the whole more straight down the road even met with the character is a little different. But it doesn't. Yeah I idea and I enjoyed the challenge all that I enjoyed just sort of pushing the envelope you know we did all accordingly which is the POV. Movie or short shorts from a go pro action movie. Why would I want to talk to you about that when ice ice well I saw that movie. And is that how they shot it was all promoted from Google. Yeah we shot the whole thing in Russia and alert did all the stunned saw actually. Done for real with guys wearing a go pro on the head. That was just. Wild I mean you couldn't have done all the stuff that we. There we did did Moscow you know in in the states to exalt what he did it just wouldn't have been allowed to press so. Yeah yeah yes for safety and litigious cost you know they did two Q do bin. You would have had to have you know so much more additional safety stuff I mean in Russia what we had was. On a day where there was you know with a stunt guys could dive on the stunt they were doing they were just hang the skull and cross blood like a Jolly Roger flag. So that everyone was just super awake and no way and it's not like. Don't anyone died today that would like today's a particularly dangerous today as opposed to like having. Laying there and you don't think donating to much for all for the flag tied Katie did you think you could hit two which you to have an up on that hit in the UK Ole Ole with a unit that. Yeah that if if anybody listening had never seen hardcore Henry it is worth. A view. But because I don't think I've ever seen the movie where I was Wingate at the end of the movie like it was it was hard to catch my breath after watching that it was in the absolutely insane and fire is kind of the same it's not nearly as as has. Visceral as as our core Henry but it's it is the same kind of like unrelenting. Action when you read the script. What it. Personal my first thought was when I when I was watching the movie is like. Long is this script in paper form 'cause there's a whole lot of dialogue once you get past the first twenty or thirty minute. Yeah I don't could simply don't talk to me that night I don't think you remember the page count. But it would once. What pretty lengthy because they have still often. Often you know to describe the action like commute moving away. And can can take up a bit of a bit of page space to the different each when I read it. The big question once you know how he's gonna pull doing a movie a whole meet certain one way or else. And and the real challenge would that was creating interesting characters. And I think you have a great ensemble caught in this with a huge cow I think you know I got great people back is and everybody try to do something. A different than complimentary to the group. For the team by being we keep this. This renowned British direct in a market could say the exact produced. And yet it's. It's a fun ride you know I didn't and you get to me come and see a movie like this full for the fun of the characters that says it's attacked on tall ball. And obviously a crazy amount of of of gunfire Cuba but the taxes it was what I what I enjoy and these homes. Yeah it was it was definitely a guy intense movie and and I recommend people that this CS bid there aren't a lot of films made like that anymore it did to name baby was just the their attention to details as far as the time period goes by it felt like a film. That was made probably in the late seventies early eighties. That would definitely Dane. Idea that is that those who had his influences you know each of his home to be very very different. And gotten that kind of legit I mean my Mike's future fabric we may yet to do and didn't yours don't and one out of but I think I had like four of five seats. The actual fabric KM from the seventies it was like vintage fabric. Could let's that they really good to the decal we all had fun doing them during the facial okay. You know going going the facial it I got to get it on fire out for the first time an immediate so that was probably the wildest stunt I've ever done Mike I can get. Get hit on fire at one point. Oh my god. That's yeah that's seen by the way is probably with a best example in the whole movie. Were goes from really funny to really not funny you will like it within like ten seconds. Really really really talk about it and yeah about a day and in real life that happen to I was like. Pot won't indeed and you know and yeah I can get a bit I'm an act I can get a bit and then and then the next summit. Yeah you can but insurance insists that you do it at the end of the movie. Everything else that showed infrequent. So but we need to have them be shocked list before we secured by advocate it should consider that the most dangerous stunt that an actor can basically you attempt. They really. They will set you on fire. Yeah men and then it would not finding gain then it would suddenly very serious and very like a allow markets insurance insurance they get very seriously it's a new bad debt default. I've done a bunch of studs and Antonio guard getting a little bit it felt like while maybe that maybe I've over reach a. What's what to do with that look. Why else that you are that you you'll hope you know nothing about you'll you'll real political knowledge he wants to be fit on fire as he tell you it's it's it's. And even. Even know things. You know I could get something done applauded you that's like god like you do you actually get to fly all that thing and it's kind of like you can afford all this and land on a big bag. And it cycle that's sort of an Internet you know that's been nothing that he knew about you like it's sort of find about getting. They don't file you just thought. It reached by the review being it's like don't go in you that play and Doug put the gasoline on your body and delighted to hit it. It tell you actually on fire before that what you now. Well yeah. It got even more challenging because all the more mobile more warrior and then maybe say because I put myself out on camera. The good news so I put myself I'll with a fire extinguishers. Some yes. On camera so I would eventually like. You know they cover you it's just like flammable glued underneath that underneath you because you've got this incredible fire taught in Q2 with an amazing liquid on the books. This so called it'll make you saw children if you don't get you know warm sea which of course you're about to. And they didn't then. In the other basically lit me and went twelve you know and get out there and put yourself up and take it long that it takes and I didn't great kids I could I wasn't counting the chickens but it's they try to keep it. How many times did you practice putting yourself outer covering yourself with a fire extinguisher. Know you've done did practice so this will be my god something. That's not something new but look at you want to practice feet just like this stunt guys show you how to do it don't watch them and and it's like. That is not gonna go and and and then when you think you got to I was building behind me yet you know much of the burden as it's happening behind my body as well so I. I couldn't be 100% show when I was up so just like when you think you're out. It's still if you didn't feel any additional burning to lie face down on the ground and Lex pulled out the fire extinguisher decision and you just. While yeah it was just the front are you Mary do you kids. I am married and I have a child on the way you'd. Congratulations on that. Did you tell your regular life like camping and about that myself on fire for movie. I I didn't she's only she's always supportive of that sort of stuff I think you know she she was an actress herself and and so she noted that stunt guys the way. Have you back a lot. Checchi lack of discipline and character the most of any thing that I Don which as we said she kind of turned out she likes to bid of seventy demand but I couldn't I was quite astonished actually backed that that. That's money well I work at a time I wish we word I can talk you verb forever but. I got asked you before you go out I'm sure he gets all the time a sequel the district nine do you do any inside information. Might might I mean next question comes up all the time and Maurice you know I would achievement demanding Neil bloom come yet today I think did they still locking me about this. And and I'd much talk on tonight it's just it's it's ovitz deal Minnesota Knuble got to directed and wrote it's like when he when he wants to do its. I'm I'm around. The war thank god for that and I really hope he does I'll be here is this because district lines. One of the best movies of all time and I and I stand by that and your performance. Was Oscar caliber. I can't wait to see where that story goes from here by about. Show all though Copley thank you so much per for color guy I'm grades movies man free fires in theaters now. Thanks so much for having me.