Interview: Wyatt Oleff

Friday, September 15th

Listen to Gavin talk to one of the young stars of the movie IT, Wyatt Oleff...

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Why. Why why and it's finally sorry about the technical problem how PO. Yeah I'm doing great thank you so much for coming on gotten grades the movies IE your name is Wyatt left union that. Like you're the star of Stephen king's it one of the stars Stephen king's aunt. And dot it's awesome to get a chance to talk to you man how are you. I'm flying blind kid I I would say you might be the youngest person. And I've ever interviewed on this on this podcast before. 000. Congratulations how are you will be. Our. Fourteenth and how old were you when you shot it. But there's so many without twelve and then I was thirteen by the. You started shooting when you were twelve years old. Oh my god so how you guardians of the galaxy prior to it so like you you had Hollywood experience but. Nothing like Stephen king's it when you got cast for this movie. Were your parents concerned. As only being twelve years old it was gonna have some sort of long term PT SD effect on you. And certainly have a little concern but to be out for the I think like. I think it was a great learning experience for me at least that need to be able to. He had something like this area in the big is incredible mental state it's separate on the bubble never forget. I'm glad they let me do it because I think it's. It's that former Foley was the best of our allies so. I mean how reminiscent to to the characters in the in the movie to have the best summer your life doing that. Are you still really close friend what the the other guys in the losers club. Yes absolutely I mean we're all kind of like busy right now. Like I need to try to hang out each other up as possible so. That's great. All full worthless or somebody in there that you like collect with a little bit more than south than somebody else like Cuba best. Friend from that movie. I wouldn't say that you're meant like more than the other guys say I love everyone in the cast. Chip and if I could I can't compare them any. It's great people and I'm glad I know all of them so. Okay. What of what a political answer good job that was test. And you made it to talk about your Twitter hander which is at fellow Wyatt FE LL OYW. A TT give him a follow. And dobbs let's talk about. The lady who played your mother in Stephen king's it. As you play. You played Eddie right. Stanley Stanley that's right that's right. I'm our annual. Are you nervous. As playing a character spoiler alert for anybody who hasn't seen the original bring your character does not take the news that it comes back 27 years later. Very well. So are you nervous until like. Like we found out that you're going to be playing that character. Did that make you a Billick on my character's back and act not gonna make it too much in the second one. Well I'd I do remember it like to forge Pennsylvania that was like I think out with Jeremy and Sophia. And we LA looking network characters. Became a guess. In the right well what happens to them in the future of general Ricardo might make their depends really but since it is ago like they're conveys an abusive husband and that M I look at my like. Well. Greg has a little disappointed. A little upset but to be out for the epic best. Awesome but now from it's like cool in the sense that like. I played the character who just can't handle it in like he just can't. Compared ever an outfit wouldn't club I think he he looked get a bit so. For that coming back he realizes that he can't until until right. He can't relive that little portraits so yeah. So obviously that if I did that affected your performance knowing that right. Am. I mean. For sure I would say quote we had betrayed that love people who have a lot of the focus opening day. And it broadcasts are not broadcast the bad. Betray those. They don't stand a pretty low right that failed so. Deadly came across. Mike your what your resistance to wanting to to help. You know that I mean you could tell that you're the one member of the losers club that doesn't wanna be there as much as everybody else. Odds of that I mean that was great that was effective. So you obviously didn't read the book before you. Before you you know start I got cast as Stanley have you read the books since. Well I would I'd try it and I've gotten. Not that followed it and I didn't make. No I don't remember. There's so that's that's the answer almost everyone gives it's over a thousand pages long. It's huge I didn't. Rating went. Oh yeah I the united sort of Reading list. They. When I got apartments. I didn't really get that far but I tried my best and I didn't send it up slowly but surely that. It's huge vote for me. Is that why trying your best. With the Stephen King book especially one that's over a thousand pages long it's pretty much all anybody can mask don't beat yourself. That's great so are cell how have you been officially cast in chapter two yet. I would hope so I mean you know I don't really know for sure. Let the arm I'm hoping that there will be a couple flashbacks it's bad then that. Who knows I mean. Maybe you'll see prospects of I've heard that all over the united or maybe a couple of years later completely broke and all that right I don't know mr. hadn't mentioned above out of. I've I mean I've heard many reports that there are going to be flashbacks have you guys is kids in the second one which has me really excited and I know that. You guys were asked who should play you as adults or did you pick. I think it's of course but as I feel like. I would handle a polite with her facial features are I think that I think are definite air can match. I mean that would be really interesting to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Stanley M in Stephen King like. At chapter two what are looking at the cast that you guys came up with fur you guys as adults. It's like god they could pull this off this would be like this is via a huge issue has passed and it looks like to ask David. Actually might play Beverly and in chapter two. I mean she's an Oscar winner of that huge. In the world so yeah I mean they I mean yeah I mean if you look like she'd also be part of it all. That's incredible. Yet totally a leg before I let you go let's quickly talk about I'm bill scars guard played penny wise. The story that I heard winds. That you guys were not allowed to see penny wise until you shot a scene where where your all together and you see him for the first time is that true and if it was true what was that like. Yes that's very true we all didn't get the field for the first couple months of two million that the first NC in the person lose. Terrifying I mean like I remember walking into the room where we had felt that. She gained that he built for the first a little like. Because they're probably do but I didn't play. Just like we're remembering and looking back on. It's like. It's funny how. Terrified we will have that kind and then as time went by the we have something. You know it's only gonna get less so much scarier to be around the greens are like a bill that would indeed. Gore's in my old make up and suffer dad I mean yeah has that been like awfully good yeah. It traumatized kids too much well. It is the number one movie in America and I saw and its excellent. And I encourage everybody go CA and they can't start production work on Jeff too fast enough as far as I'm concerned. So why thank you so much for coming on downgrades movies man. Absolutely incredible good luck and everything. It is.