Its A Movie About 06-16-17.mp3

Friday, June 16th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "It's A Movie About" to give away Harry Styles tickets:

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Yes it is very so I'll come online for a play it's a movie about this is where we get intern Kevin. Criminal room police say intern Kevin really he needs the list of movie titles and you have to guess the plots are all these movies sometimes you've seen him. Sometimes he hasn't but he music give us an answer in the white consorting about Molly from what I've played this morning I'm Molly good morning. All right so why Harry styles tickets on the line are you ready to play. All right so the first movie is The Breakfast Club do we think intern Kevin will know the move. I mean that's the only reason why I don't think he would know I beat he has never heard a single person who's in the movie I know that. Part of me that thinks he knows that this is just because. He has enough of his friends who like this movie. No way he thinks is it is a club where you get deeper. Must have Molly you don't think so. OK here we got The Breakfast Club it's a movie about a group put heads dot com. Meet up every day to have breakfast before. And he looks a lot of then something happened one of the members Denish a lot for breakfast club median. And it's all like a mystery and are all while looking for an am and you miss teen. And plot to less not gonna tell you what happens but it is okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think yeah. All you. I think even his breakfast club the stranger things maybe are all right Somali yeah that was around. There's you got that on Sierra yeah I think since she okay art on ice or go imovie numbered to odd pitch perfect. Oh without question he get a good ads are Miley got. At first your inning as some of the songs yeah I think he knows. He knows the top spot. Will we play out 500000. Tiny feet. And you would think perhaps I'll no doubt. All right pitch perfect. Pitch past today it's a movie about a knock appellate grouping call edged. The Bardem bella rose while Tom big competes to will win the bass off capella group in the world. And fat Amy my favorite because I relate to her so much live mermaid and dean and lied sideways righty then whenever I loved it's perfect on. I really needed and then all I do you know. Of the house. Yeah. I don't know what he means by okay and at idex movie is Dances With Wolves. No no no no way no unanimous no arterial. I it's a movie about dance is what the wolves at the movie about eight shot lead die. The F says whole walls to bring back life and and the things that go around us deep in the dark seat should. It. I. Why don't. All now one wild. I need your love and you're in the bush you're all over the heart will all. See. You wait she's got three right he's got great you've got to. And we want. Villa in the. Other two does reply let Libby out let's do it out and actually does Juno you think heaven knows that are not yeah it's huge thing I think egos you know you're. About that long they think it was like to Indy for him. Knowledge that was that because that started navy and they got very mainstream and you were not. Journal came out when he was definitely in like middle schooler high school and this seems like such a middle schooler high school movie. Molly what do you say if I am to say now it's a movie about John now intimately. And Peyton we'll tell us. John now is no timeouts. And he finds mystical creatures. Wow that's studied just like a definition of disability. Their families similar routine if you look at it. Through husband tonight it's dances with full he's undoubtedly and it's like I my mommy know you are you one bit we when he allows sweater vest it's willow. We think Kevin knows the movie will allow more. What I. I. A willow AIG came out what 1980. Seven NE AH maybe edit. Belt Kilmer is and they are quick update hence it's a fantasy movie no way. I it's a movie. Out for willow willow. It's a movie about will Smith's daughter Willow Smith. The movie has a documentary about her life. Is coming out of and her mom. All right well what. Relations TU Molly and congratulations. To the rest of us for having heard back. They love and I'm Molly were setting it is seen Harry styles at the golden one senator okay congratulations. The only way to go oh.