It's A Movie About 6-13-17

Tuesday, June 13th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "It's A Movie About" to give away Harry Styles tickets

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6:40 am awake at college what a six by the end sunshine all day today high of 84 coming up 930 to adjourn next chance in your hands on tickets to Disneyland resort would do it twice today. 930 and 330 you count the songs have the exact number of songs are we tell you to call. In you're going to Disneyland resort from 1065 BL. 65 the end. It's kind of play it's a movie about intern Kevin we've thrown him a handful of movie titles his job is to give us a description of the moon. Being. Without some. Didn't get any district Jerry description. This husband know what it's about and their movies that almost everybody. That you haven't seen it you've heard of it and you know what it's about everybody that had. Seems an. Are progressing it's for Harry styles he's gonna be the gold one senator next year in twenty teenage tickets go on sale on Friday. Susan from load is playing this morning good morning Susan. Aren't you did you get this. All right first movie intern Kevin has. Brave hearts we think our intern Kevin McDowell is. The movie Braveheart I say yes this is one of my all time favorite movies if not my favorite move real time and I'm gonna say that he doesn't know it because he thinks it looks boring and long been. Tech. Susan what do you think dvd knows it or not. Well my caddie from Kenya okay Kim will not hit. How does your daughter. How old's your daughter Ireland where you want an artist may be good barometer yes here we will Braveheart it's a movie about. A warrior. Not. It started from the bottom of this wire. Reach all blade to a title of the night because the greens heart. And he led the crowd to victory. No I'm gonna. Had one wipers is then I. Crowd the Victor. Did they get mad right that that heat things will go like today. On the line. Our pledge on the more fired up I hated the number two is home alone do you think in turn campaign will know the movie home alone thing not only knows. But he has true I did to Kevin McCallister someone. I put it you know I only see the big crowd like this and there Kyra boarding yourself. Yemen. Good Susan. I don't seem like it is deathly in his little else. Yeah yeah I guess I agree. He does say something again putting any advice on both sides are OK I think he knows this one to hide the movie is home alone. Humble and it's an all my gosh Hubbell law I was named after the Kansas. Huckabee I mean he was like acting now he did wind out and then he went to as a grounds asleep or some like bass and then his family left him left the village of a sudden now he is home alone and these robbers. Tried to rob has Powell's and he stops the robbers from robbing this house and it's so great weeks I would leave nabbed him he's so Smart. All right good job. We know that you mention of that rub they can't I can't accept it back. Yahoo! who knew that his mother Kim was the defense she named Kevin after the generic I think. He wasn't full alert. I don't know I don't own that Soledad the next movie is out Blair witch project do you think intern Kevin nick knows the movie Blair witch projects on my. Think he knows this line. I think it's heaven he's he hates scary movies but it's a scary movie is like popular yeah. And enough from his friends say it's really not that scary though watch it and then he'll be the biggest band in the world event. They haven't say he does not know of his movie anything good movie about a way to name Blair Susan and. Why do more together right Cindy think he knows the movie Blair witch project. I think he can't pick and maybe people appear when you watch. I like Susan I'd like a school that read to prod Jack. Some art movie about which is that coming kill people all mainly scientists is back creator you think Arnold. Are written for. Yeah. The battle wits end and sciences says you know treat her arm but I what are you almost have given a doomed if there wasn't perk right at the outlines. Are again just because that's great. It's a hard movie about which is that counting kill people all. Mainly scientists is back creator. How I'd say it. As word create cleaner I don't know can I do mean get down line tell us. I don't blame Susan analogy. By aerial Wal-Mart. 27 dresses Steven injured in general get it or not. Yeah I know this is the bow. I believe it's any always the bridesmaid never a bride situation with Katharine hagel. I. Did the older. I'm pretty yeah it is Clinton's little older I think he does not mean it sounds like it's really. Is it. It's. Part of Susan wood what is it. And you know. You know now they're now 27 dresses 27 dresses at the movie about a Newell a newlywed couple just. I know Webb met the woman and I bride is choosing her wedding dress com. Not each of her 27 friends picked out and she doesn't know which one to achieve because they're all her best friend that she doesn't wanna hurt their feelings I don't think there. Yeah. And you may not paired tickets to see Harry styles when he's gonna be the golden one senator Ron in mid July of 2018. All right congratulations. It's. Wake up call one CI CN.