It's Ok To Be Single

Friday, July 13th


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Broadcasting live this morning at spills coffee on second street in Davis mostly sunny today high of 95. So Gavin has a delicate call top five for us sensitive to the wake of called top five reasons it's OK to be single. They I I am listening intently. It would be. You owe it to make you. Beating up one you'll have to have eating. Or trying to prove what is that the. So here ivories okay range to be. Number one. It shows you don't lower your standards. We have talked the talk about it yeah. Many people think that if you're single cute on that one but now now. You deserve a pat on the back because you recognize. Laws and in people the old ones and short answer number through. It gives you time to work on yourself. Okay yeah a good idea to do an. Ardent work when your of course you know he's trying to get. Like a month and a couple bags every day that I know that I mean most emotionally I on an emotional. All maps OK okay but all. I you have the time. You're gonna look number three. Travel and I don't travel on it gets very difficult year relationships. To work with somebody else's schedules and our board and were expected that's one of the things I I say Switzerland asked what are your hobbies that went Nancy is allowed to travel so I look at his goal new places and discovered new things in trying to of food and stuff like that governor and bear it like I travel it's you can discover what your true passions are. I travel is your passion and I am the other one. Wow. What you think rain are the passions that you have. On passions that I. Let baseball travel. And like dogs at my injury have you discovered any actions that colleges like you've been around a lot. Ice now while only. Did that mean. But you haven't discovered any acts are liable. By. The passion of yours I mean and the single that like a lot of about it on your couch and eat the ball from and all are my iPod and rain unions who let the lot but I mean. I am definitely limited by peanut butter into yeah probably that's probably like one of the things he should tell people apply that what that's. You know at Capitol Hill. You'll never feel trapped. Well not every relationship that one and other fields trapped. And you're single you'll altogether. Think I've ever been a relationship where I've felt trapped and can definitely seat. My friends that have been relationships where sometimes they feel like that particular situation that I think he's being number one hour hearing that rapid your loved. The question. It. And that great OK I'll think about that mattered you know if it didn't help. I have never thought rat in my early in the I am proud of me they reflect thing obviously I have failed Mary. Right of course. What does picture is like a man short term. Kept McCain out you know the minute you see some of the supply cabin to. Because Kevin also upload it by choice act is not the ladies you don't think that I'm Mike Joyce. Went to the well. But look Kevin it's my choice he made on top five that's why it's okay to be think OK I had kept. And number wine eat at the dinner by year's now not worried about and me. Money extra money and I mean so much lots about it right now having money or because it out. Number ten year thing already being needed and not anyone not like. Any. Pay any. Like you can add on one Garland and opt not to let other well. I a ten. There's a lot of really dance so I mean that is obviously thank you but what are you because he dances all the time and I see them when you are done ilk you. You'll go to guy like that's an act. OK maybe I can up on all all of them all right excellent I teach attacked Ali look. Okay. You're not want to think. You get more true I know once I broke the all time so org or. Do you look right. I'm working on myself OK now work rock Kevin yeah I got 5% right now you break your honor we birth. Before Pennington throw and I've seen have a I. See they gotta. A man saw tonight something salty eighties at that time the doctor called it what was it like it's the whatsoever that war. You get to sleep Andy Pettitte here witnessed significant others like. And can you make. You know he's right about that but nobody is almost. When your relationship there does seem to be go to bed time. I'm going to bed now we all go to battle. Of the aquatic I don't like being told when to go to bat right. I can go to last a lot fun that the namely for girls where when every one yours. Do you Wear whatever you want yeah. Wow. You know like if you're apparently this is like hey they don't. Now if you and a relationship that your Guerrero added I Ali like and it you can't Wear it now aren't I. Others. Would never been generally yeah I. No one at that have embarked on Iraq at all. Okay. And Romo. Now okay. It. All right I closed brick at the tension here a little bit. Our real fast doctor any jobs is with that's he's a poet laureate of Davis the longtime faculty member UC Davis and also does a pub quiz active viewers Irish pub here and gave. The ears doctor Jones welcome vick's been a lake called us thank you very much. If someone has been devious or if there are out we can call listeners that happened in the Davis while he missed one great reason why people shouldn't be. This while the de Beers Irish pub pub quiz on Monday nights at seven it's already been mentioned so while say. The poetry night reading series takes place on first and third Thursdays at John it's atlas gallery which is the largest gallery here in new accounting. And we have fantastic poets that come join us twice a month. Very popular open Mike afterwards and then an exciting after party well all poetry readings because school out. Get better when school gets back and the more polyps which we saved some of our best poets for the school year because of the intense number of students are on campus. But I wouldn't call the lol it's more like that the locals come out and they know that they can hang with their friends. Open Mike is very vibrant it's a lot of fun. All so certain Kevin has an interest in poetry you actually like to it's a few tips right some great poetry recommend for that integrate well I've got three tips where you can turn out yeah. Betsy itself. I thought I mean if it in places. It can only help. And I hired notes and a broader part of the day. I'm I'm number wise. Communicate some sort of emotional true. Is that I think that's not a yeah. Number two. Its focus on imagery doc had. Japan day something specific. Patty I am focused on day that not fat now. A record. I'd. Oh. Words that represent the images have yet. I heard you lie like like I ran aren't like Tom. Outs remember any specific objects that your representing the word greed that's the goods and I. Probably. Robert Ray bad number three is to use that language in surprising ways. At all and never get my grammar are that I don't think nobody the end it now you'd think that's the right I can now. A. A crack doctor Eddie Jones thank you for coming by a quiz at the Beers Irish pub here in Davis. We are broadcasting live this morning here at spills coffee on second street in Davis wake up call sect sound tour.