Jaden Smith's Kingdom

Thursday, February 23rd

Jaden Smith recently moved into a 4 million dollar mansion but he and his "entourage" are taking over the neighborhood and the neighbors are not happy about it:


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I wanna throws out there NB a boys later today the review of chirps are today Gary graves the movies I saw this story and I thought we have to share as a Gavin because I. You know I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt and Gene Smith apparently is a horrible human being. I mean Gavin has been screaming mad at people for our people. On no one's gonna listen to me OK so I mean lack. I wanna give them the benefit outside of one believe diet they do instead is a horrible person but do you guys remember this he moved out of his family's house a few months back. And I. Do and it's but he couldn T. He turned eighteen he bought it he gets you know yeah I guess uses money from his job at the mall he was in the movies. On the I've always been the couple has a little all the movies that. Yeah. He's eighteen he bought a four million dollar mansion and for how well does he buy he moved until he moved into a but the reds got to be ridiculous. Anyway it's a gated community and neighbors are not happy. Why well. All our families and pay no threat this is. They escape number one noise and neighbor they don't like that they say it it was a quiet neighborhood tell JD moved and they said to him and his entourage are turning this in this neighborhood into their own personal kingdom I believe that there's only done remote. They dug a moat around the castle. OK maybe I don't know what would be able Bo would neighbors do to make it their own kingdom with a little else. You peasants that yes sir did you bring in hasn't rang and they work the field. I don't know what they do it looks like sometimes they just gather mud and put it in carts and probably so right they pay taxes if they don't pay taxes you killed them one in front of all of them. OK and that that creates. But is amongst the pack. Right you better pay your taxes or the lord will Killian I love Jane that I know. I think you already thinking game he's lowered yeah what is the local magistrate. Apart on the and then that you also. And still Freeman knocked OK which gives you as them as the local magistrate the writes on every woman's wedding night to her bad move so you get to have sex with her on her wedding I was hoping we are innocent I was hoping it was more just like. I know it's your wedding Nampa and I'm gonna sleep here. I suspect then send any. Would even be that many parents because. I mean how big could this property even days. As a matter currencies and as a lord and he's squeezing people American man it's funny and I think there's like five her fit and they say he's he's turning it into his own little kingdom another thing. It is very king like he speeds carelessly through the streets in his Tesla SUV. I think that racing neighbors jealous that pretty hard to get yourself potentially to begin with and get the Tesla SUV which is just she's instead of senate and seems easy chairs and bottom of the TV part they can't say with the Tesla he loves the earth. You. Told me. The these are keeping your way to begin when I was at him hey let's prom dressed as bat man. Bat man not white man yeah right is sue was like yeah yeah he can go and my white fate not Caucasian guy. Africa's typically have back and is on you like he. Did you year. And she is and Iowa as the changes doesn't Wear your crowd I'd be like I did what I could Fiat. He's sunk all this money into it as he calls that. I'm gonna grow Meese and dragons like game with drones what if he's just he's just annoying neighbor but people Della them with any started wearing a cramp into like a gadget I can't experiment since he's kept. I mean look I think Nicole you be will come over here to meet the French brands but now this kid is like wearing a crown and ordering his friends around and our neighbors are like that. Neighbors Alley at ease his odd way. Yeah that his sister's like the jester he says. Well here that are installed I am just sorry that should you have when you witness she's definitely the jester. The only filly we are Freeman talking about him but hey I mean that's NCs turning into a kingdom and diamond hasn't got a what is it a dungeon where is torture it's horrible and. I don't see him as a torturer. Now he hires somebody to do it depicted the pitch it's fairy like what's that blaze named John game of rounds Joffrey. Now all of the dark haired Latin which will. Well Rand the brains they he. I yeah are totally is is Lindsay and the Gene Smith has cast treating people. Yeah dying here and I didn't finish my got mother as our than there was a quiet neighborhood Majid and his entourage are turning into their own personal kingdom. Among other things there's neighbors don't like OK OC speeds through the streets in his test plessy V nor how you cash streets the net interest. The in his sex dungeon. All that well or is never ever. Call. The end.