Japanese Sneezers Wanted

Wednesday, June 13th

Police are on the lookout in Japan for a man who is going around offering to pay young boys for sneezes: 

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Five feet and yeah it's. A wake up. This is gonna be a very weird story. In Japan and police are asking for information on a man. Approaching people. And offering a 1000. Yen. If you sneeze. Dye did it the me and handed him a thousand dollars thousand yen bill in a tissue. To golf. With is them. Like fetish. And it might be court is this is what is. Call. Exactly who had eaten. He. Doesn't think about this isn't something a person can't occupy you. Do you. He's innocent and you need you need the right stuff. Like there'd there are certain clones the BBC's. Like that's why three Amy showed that I have the I'm. Solar photo Jenn. I had no Steve response I'll play if I look at dishonor by walk outside yeah I don't know you know on my sons haven't gone. And but I mean you and the right staff so under and you're walking on the street written you don't have those things right. What did he approach to student end the guy eight sneezed he got paid a thousand yen bill and indeed the teach got to teach you for sneezing. I but you find it weird enough to gold. File a police report. Like cried it's not but we don't police are kind of like Ed we Onassis died a couple of questions we wanna. What does he what he's white he's asking people to sneeze and why he's paying them. Hey why did it is good. Because it synthetics is that a current I don't think it is felt by. Did they do have a quote they said to me and said can you sneeze I'm doing research on sneezing okay so they wanna see it it's actually a restart prod right well. We talked about this off the air. In of course one of the people that was very interested in this was intern Kevin and I can make so much money. OK so that's why your interests but yeah I get Steve on command UK yeah. No it's not a scene is that risk then as the weeks. That's like me saying I can grant coming in have been done am you don't know her but if you have this is and that's the sexual fetish though people fake goes all the time. It does person is looking for somebody who's willing too little green hatch you know les or are they looking for somebody who. Actually sneezing I'm sure that it helps the more if it's authentic right. You did Delmon summonses aches and how would you feel though let's assume that it isn't sexual fetish Kevin OK how would you feel that a man because you're not gay or straight. Definitely if a man came up to you and wanted you to do something not sexual do you bi sexual to him. And offered to pay you to do it. Likes means being yeah I'm down you'd be fine with that I'm not Harmon sneezing what is he gonna clown me Marc Kevin does core rate. Do you they credit clone him yeah well seasoned politician in the game in the tissue or else he's knees and then the guy game it is you know. Our net Kennedy had to break UTU a thousand yen sounds like a lot of money writes I kinda yeah how much do you think it doesn't unions. Around. Nine S dollars he's right it's actually behind boxes black so tiny. And yeah that. And tiny. XX the blind sixth in more than enough to calculate the math are gonna lead me home. After nine dollars a long ways. That's a lot to ask is Regina. Guy not a dollar asking gates you breakfast lunch and dinner and China while real yeah. I kept. It did in little ditch is in the dirty at places now okay easy what do you think that's Erica. Let. That's true and he is easing their restaurants that you can get breakfast lunch and dinner he got and like flies why not hey I shiny and black hole. Well OK. Kevin if you move to China I want you could it possibly make a living off from sneezing. And two you can eat for a lot less you have no money. They don't agree that he's trying to originally. I mean it sounds fun trying to sounds fun and seat and let my best iPhone would lead to fights to leave the. Yeah enthusiastic about it and thirty lot of blank I'm gonna be a need for. Yeah.