Jason Loses His Only Fan

Wednesday, October 19th

Jason’s son just started to understand that his father is on the radio and he is super excited about it! He has been asking to listen to his daddy on the way to school for weeks and Jason’s wife finally let him tune in. And what was the first thing Jason’s young son heard his dad talk about on the radio?! How Jason once lost a job for having sex at work! Listen to Jason talk about losing his son as a listener...

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Wake up call 107 and the entities in Katy. Again and off ever boss rain sitting near Reno. You don't have kids I do not because drawing and a semi joke of that you know of rights you don't have those kids yeah double okay. My parents don't I do you watch it at some point yes and M single and 33 am pretty damn them for a guy and so one of the cool things about. Having my son Sammy is that. Just about nice for a half he's starting to realize daddy works in the radio and he thinks it's kind of cool and I and you know me I'm not cool so my something some call this is exciting their first forming you have your your your first fan can graduate I did go and it's very exciting waiting so. A couple recently heard a commercial he was like oh my god daddy's on the radio and we do. He couldn't weigh into it and I'm enjoying this. Recently he's been asking my wife on his way to preschool can we listen daddy on the way to school. And my wife has been saying no you know daddy shows probably not right for you these four and a half and I've been telling her as women on. Trust me we're not that bad especially Gambia in office we generalize as a give me trust me we have nothing planned this going to be even remotely dirty in all fairness sometimes they show isn't right for people who are 29. 4058. I mean steely neighbors or child it's it's hit or miss SATA so she December dispensers on FaceBook Sam asked if he can listen daddy on the way to school. As it fine why not. But the rail line. Our luck. And he's talking he gets super excited what did daddy talk about not about how you're fired from a job pretty sick still. Dollar may apply. And grade lovely things we never listening again. Yeah. You know not bad story. Was. And it's hard for councils to do but still I'd really like it we like hearing. But you got fired her and not gonna bring somebody in that radio studio several times apparently he didn't. They can get better. I mean I don't know if I am unsure how to handle this like Denny what sex I don't answer that question daddy was mommy a listener. No I don't wanna go down that Brody there wasn't heard this is horrible now. I'm sitting here running scenarios in my head and I honestly don't know if I can fix this you know what I think is great is that in the span of fifteen minutes GC and gained a fee and an immediately. And it. Isn't any allows so why give them an afternoon long time.