Joey The Squirrel

Friday, February 17th

A man recently came home to find his house ransacked and he called the police. When the cops arrived they were surprised to find the man had a pet squirrel. Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Joey the squirrel:


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It is a way to because when I was 65. At the end station Gavin Katie and who is Joey that's the question you're gonna want. Maybe anger now known as what is a generally take a listen to this hot. Pearl walked into his meridian home Tuesday and realized something didn't seem right. I say this guy comes home and he realizes there's doors open users looking to see if he has or scratches he's like oh my god someone try to break in in my house and he goes shall we. It's just me now now now now he. He's realized someone try to break into his house so what do you do next cold place. Adam called meridian police that's correct and an officer actually turner came out to take a look men during her investigations. Jolie had. Render in the bedroom just screwing around like he always does between her amazing kind of sore shoulder. And I she says while what was that I have to worry about that that's that's just Joey. You're probably wondering. There is generally no now and I'm not exactly that probably would be worth spite that's growing though. So yeah yeah. And now I know you used to have a pet squirrel he read eighties and lived in the hood. His sweatshirt. That's how fast they're now and then on to act there's probably they'll have to be. Take it down not with you love squirrels we'll get to a net and wish you luck tradition. And you want when you. Excuse me so this this grows as a run around. We can't I just Gary that would be the B and house doing any job you're a plumber you're visiting and you know there's a score on this program for an entry price because at arm as Joey. I'm showing such a good brawl name I'm shocked that bad cop didn't shoot. I shot I don't you think that the Bloomington that hadn't planned small. Shooting of enemy goblet. In what I'm good shot. Went out and I did though as he you know I he would take down a notch or the fear level that he's got a dollar. Don't worry about it that's very sad she's girls Kelli Opel might come back to my holster she did have a question know about Joey. Officer turner passed out and miss Joey would bite. As you'll usually doesn't like that you never know because you squirrel. When we come back. That's Joey the squirrel I think laughing at how. Preach every year's worlds talker fight they act and I'm pretty sure Joey this were allowed to his owners joke with him. Officer turner went underway. Only to return a few hours later did his stolen belongings and some unbelievable. News. She said while she was questioning the individual. He had scratches on his hands so she asked him so did you kept out from the squirrel and his sister a damn thing kept attacking me well. And stop until I left and the fact go urge or yeah. And I ask that didn't seem quite so you. Score more. Not everyone can say they have a guard's grown this Adam guy. Had a free game dart. Guards remember the whole question about it what would you think of a school is ran magic magic being the burglar and if you know what that is he could be some really hairy furry rat we don't know what it is. The least of your writings and his house you probably don't think that the squirrel allows is a pack. You probably think leg. In fact well yeah I don't know this for a fact I'm assuming joins wearing a little sweater so you know. Probably assume eyes hisses at Daytona this letter on a bigger pets world jays and everyone knows that given the world. You don't get anything because that way you don't have your kids get sad when Joey di you still get in the squirrel they all look back and yeah. Now Joey is being hailed a hero. It's throw or else you can. How much work. Is great. Because. It's a. I'm so. This is this story myself it's political story today guys pad squirrelly probably had taken from the state has a minute I ever got to take Joseph he's not camped out this is. Listen how weird this gets when they throw back to the studio. Okay this is the anchors just having this little chitchat and we are just gets really makes a really weird cool but now. I don't know a thing about all that Alex grownups going up. Very well. No no no no he says they want person's hands who knew over our ganymede notice and artists I like sport that's growing up. Everything without even knowing that show that's absolutely the meteorologist. I don't think about all that likes grownups going up game I like lamb and yeah and similar to the blatant. The best at but I've never had a squirrels at that well there you go eight yards grown all right. It wouldn't say about bad yeah that was a fun story I did it was exactly. I'm unless she looked. Right pulls one side DN.