Joke Off 06-16-17.mp3

Friday, June 16th

Check out Gavin & Rayne joke each other off with Father's Day jokes: 


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6:5 PM at this Sunday is Father's Day we felt that it would be appropriate to celebrate dads by do we need. Dad jokes. During the DeVon and rain. Joke off. Yeah I. I don't think there's anything more appropriate. Then a guy daddy edition of down marine joke off I hang here I wrote you are the rules. Gavin nine we will build back and forth on jokes the first one to laugh. Loses it's very simple and by the way if you wanna see us do this. Just text then joke JO KE eight to 73389. Text and data rates may apply because. Sure Paul's TV watching this is even funny. Isn't one of life's simple pleasures watching YouTube tried not to laugh I will be the judge. And then just. Holding a smile whilom saint does not count but yet you actually laugh. Your bat yep. Very good I'm excited. DeVon when you go first. Yo daddy is so fat. That when he saw a yellow school bus go by Phil with the white kids. He ran after a gallon twinkies. Your daddy is so fast I took a picture of him last Christmas. And it still printing. No daddy is so ugly. Even hello kitty says goodbye to. Your daddy is so fact. That when he got on the scale. It said yeah. I need your weight not your phone number. Yo daddy is so ugly. That when he went to a haunted house. He came out with a job applications should. Your daddy is so fat. So when he went to the beach the whales swim out and saying it. We are family. Even though you are fatter than me. Godaddy has so stupid that way and if your mom said it was chilly outside. He ran outside with a spoon. Your daddy is so fat. That when he sat on Wal-Mart. He lowered the prices. Yo mama so fat Joseph daddy is so bad my mistake. When he steps out in yellow raincoat. And the deeply felt taxi and your daddy is so sad that door I can't even find him. Godaddy has so before I saw him ticketed trash can decide asks what do you do and he set a move it. Your daddy is so ugly. He made one direction go another direction. No dad is so dumb he thought Dunkin' Donuts what's basketball team door dad is so bad. His belly button gets some fifteen minutes before he does. The rain. Your dad is so that he got baptized at SeaWorld. She's okay your daddy is so stupid it. Because I don't like it. And now the only given that a lot of your dad you're so stupid he climbed over a glass all the seals on the other side. And I hello. I did not lab is one of infusing them after a zero aren't in this and so much fun but it these were actually pretty good innocent. I'm happy Father's Day your stupid dad. All I'm.