Kanye's Sacramento Show

Monday, November 21st

As you probably have heard already, Kanye West walked of the stage at his Sacramento show over the weekend after just 30 min! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Kanye...


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If you're at the time you show I Saturday night if you're the kind you show you're there at the time you show Saturday night a number 7661079. Author of the number of their first I don't know if you drop yet I'm wondering. How you feel. I feel a couple days removed now I can't 36 hours removed Libya. And money back in your pocket dad getting really bought the tickets legitimately yeah if you we're in the belly of the golden one senator we sadly three of us were. I almost went I didn't go. We get opportunities guys dazed and want. I mean I had the instability servant handrail but I just was like dragging all last week in his like. For us and our schedule to go staying out late Ruth hit a few. For anyone who may be missed this guy I was are numbered and 766107. On it if you were there. I feel now because if you missed a tiny A came in and now an hour and a half late. And he acted like his second or midway through the third song this happened in. This is the beginning. It was a fifteen minute rant. Yeah yes you did that people are cheering Buckeyes. And this little little plug. Gold. Gold digger or do you think people are just going like yes he's speaking truth because he's not saying anything. When I think there is asked expectations of tiny then he is gonna get where all your time. Little bit crazy home and save some crazy stab and at that point you know get all around with them and then he's fed steering his next time. We're now Isaac here's session there witnesses whole thing hey Isaac good morning. And Isaacson you were at they shall I we're just playing the beginning when he thought the song and turns NF radio F radio and it was at the beginning of this and give our kind of cheering. What was the five when he started this rant was a lag kind is funny is we need guys that are well. All caught on did I mean sort of us show look like good for the first you know and you know actually performance. And you have several long accused and then once for adding people sort of sitting down. How long it take before people turned on him because implicitly audio so hard. To tell at what point the crowd turned on them but he. Our facilities are talking about like start let Obama. And are loud because it takes any. Yeah I actually have ideas on your answer here is talking about Obama. I'm at that point and that's when they can really turn I'm. Ahead. Rich cultural ought to shut a how did you guys not turn on him when he was over an hour Leahy. But I know woke me in my life we had to wait might infer an hour basically they're by emerged. And all of that happening is we're like other so we're gonna delay we didn't get a sit down we got there at eight you know and then. We where I'm from eight like 94 innings birdie unless they are seats in the sun starts slower than just adding all our. Hey I get people the benefit that is apostle tiny new but that was trying to make sure you're there. Yeah people thought vulnerable and then we. It got loud and is it all. Google stats. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. He goes on and on their so many things he talked. He he goes he he acknowledged earnest in India knows he acknowledged that he knows when the Rand think is very like. Lucid about all this guy no ones grill my career here. Bob thank you kind yea I personally think here I appreciate the sacrifice I was councilman Saturday morning who did the FEB slate event review Yemen Ghana someone who they sitting on the Tonya showdown big fan loved the guys that go but. Don't know what to expect you never know what's gonna happen I said that like. Yeah yeah don't expect Ryan. The economy and you know this is a whole new level of disrespect on colonies park and I am. I am here did tell yelled yeah I know he canceled his LA show last night it was actually like a do over friendly cares about before. Oh they can't imagine the old port cancel you -- he was willing to do for LA you know given some convenience notice. I am so pissed off. Then it was like I am only in Sacramento now here's my column this year it's just Sacramento out. So I think of anything. That it's like worsened so thin all time worst such a count town we are not worth his precious precious time. I doubt I mean has he come out and bash thanks I just feel like he's gonna. Abby there I think he could he could it is not shown up and that would have been my guys disrespectful for me it's like he's just he's a master something's going on it is and maybe he's just. It's what the tiny switch on again he's been like this first. Sure it's no surprise but the federal it subsidy he did to people here who really senate of the show we should have actually who was there actually. Hey Ashley so if you're pretty disappointed even still today. Very very quiet and I thought. I'm. Cut it out not solid template I get. I think that's the report asked ad they'll or am thrilled that I. They're pretty early. There. I'm like you know I don't care if I'm all are aren't sure that the fact that it and keep it at that people's eyes at. Well. That's I think what he can appeal it but they'll sort it or hate. It because you don't declining eat at duke it out. It could keep it together for a couple of hours and Eliot job. Thank you does this go ahead and Ashley I ask you though. As somebody who who country music is adequate. But he is a world class top shelf a hole and he has been for about eight years. How old do you not like pearl I'll be speaking for the people that I saw over social media go at. Not feeling too sorry for the people who got burned by the time you showed just because it's like. What did you expect and why would you still go. You bet very very out and I know. But who are caught it but that's what got you can't think when we think all that I thought I'd got hit it before our. It at the Atlanta is a lot of it. I don't want. But LL what. People that aren't in aren't I'm I'm like oh what I want people I didn't second of all you got it up on Andy. We feel like a crowd gonna cause still regularly and about understanding I I have I talk to a lot of people on FaceBook and thank you said prior to the show even starting it. It was clear he was not go like in hindsight it was clear Hugh I'm gonna do full shell. As soon as he started reading people's socked packs like his tact. People all like to take things started to think speakers sound. There's a meat eating before. The doors open at golden one said Eric and they said no water bottles were a bottle them. Any kind of normal people not enough water bottled water could have walked around all the could be he didn't want people from throwing bottles and what we do that to Bieber ameron our show. Is that this was premeditated. And. It's best that I wrote quite embryonic you're at the shell you were in shock when it happened. Again now the day money back Casey honorable thing. I think in theory okay. The blood stock and me and so disappointed. I look I need my campaign have blood on eight for eight years. And head. I'm good at complaining and me the finger at rap artist lake district and like that ankle. And he came back why would you go again if he came back. I don't hate data and I Eli until I understand your logic. That nine million point in the process. Dull and you don't you'll never announced at a time wasn't gonna do full Schaub to talk about everybody can make it because I. It's not you. Can you do for all content to just Don is not administer let me just did not just that like oak high BA BA and kind yea he's got it. A tendency to rant I was told a friend of mine who got burned on 250 dollar tickets. For this the day that she did not get the money back because she she got them off of Craigslist to sell. This is what I said to her. It's not that he just has a tendency to rant and they've done things it's that he hates you. He hates you as a fan he hates you as a person of fact I'm. It's sad isn't it that he's feeling here I need a lot of your stuff he doesn't value. Anything's Vick keeps his machine go in certain radio way. Fans can run motor company's keys they may hole so why you would still support him is beyond monologue what. Other really awful things about this to me is through a lot of people who this there first it's time dean of the Goldman Sachs. Anna. Born and bred Sacramento girl. I loved our pro when it was aren't well I loved sleep train and the sleep train and the big thing was guys were getting new arena yet we're gonna have really big names coming and it's gonna be honest some. And then for a lot of people this was their first time they had heckled Montana. And. The experience. Does plays we all looking forward to being told I don't worry guys you're on the. Now I'm we have our boss Rangers stepped down as I was just about to wrap this thing up but I meciar to what went out for him. That's an inside job but he's saying F radio on what you wanna say it matters and they don't you wanna burn up well for small I Amy huge Kanye thing you. On a huge bright and I I cut myself as being in reg hazards of Ted spread out Eminem fans are called. But I I believe that. I'm I've always been a fan of tiny for so long when I heard that this happened I was really disappointed but. At the end of the day I always was convinced that this is a persona that Kanye has in this isn't really who he is CM. But now I'm certain I believe maybe this is really who he has and the back story. Before the show was even announced. For about three weeks we were having conversations with stunned by the promoter on getting the show and how cynic kept changing yes yes it was like I know we're not gonna announced today we have to wait and then and you know we we get to the announced it I know we Hebert had to change this again. There's just so much back story here that we don't know about. It's all on line last night on face but people are saying is to dis is he mentally and unstable does it does he have these issues and we we don't know for sure but it seems as there's something really going on in this guy's head that we don't know about. My husband who had. Barely knows to a card ash CNN's. Said in. Kim's breaking up with them. He does she was robbed her life has been completely put into perspective now Kim is leaving Tonya hang them and when I got me. Only maybe might maybe you'll understand. Things are the headlines mall this is now chemists and everyone in our bosses and you know what. I hope she does I mean it would be great to actually started saying stuff like that and really give him a legitimate reason to hate radio. Call oh green here is they've yeah you when you go out with Kim when this all mikes when Kay's husband is right and Kim is single. We you date her just to (%expletive) off Kanye and Kim if you're listening maybe instead grand men as patriots are a white in you've got to follow me. I think Bradley and I really can begin had a little conversation tell us why and those GM's Kim. 79 okay.