Katie Gets Wine.mp3

Friday, July 14th

A loyal listener brings Katie a special gift while on their Sac Town Tour in Elk Grove:



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Six IBM's. Sunshine all day today high of 97 that we aren't Elk Grove we're at McDonald's and easy wakeup call sex Challenge Tour and we've had a fantastic time. And Elk Grove today. That people putting real reason I shall probably. That's such a great time intern Kevin got a recognition from the city of Elk Grove itself. Let's sit out where we have fighting species that are you put him on I disagree yap on the and 1065 page at her. All right next week but next Friday we're going to be back to the streets again we're gonna be and also more ticket to show on the road at 17 the iron point road in McDonald's there. We'll broadcast the entire show lives up if you wanna Cummins they had us maybe he could make it only got an Elk Grove today we're going to be in full seven. And then guys. How cool is this our last broadcast the last Friday July we're gonna be broadcasting live gonna take the entire shelf. Did the State Capitol. In downtown. Sacramento I think that's I. But not these pictures of us they're she's gonna cry at its goal I probably shouldn't mention this but I'm gonna do anyway because I'm reckless. I don't like going into but I'm working on trying to get a bull bull bull pit for the steps of the capitals well why it's. Clearly you don't well that's the problem. Idaho and all of the bill is does I think it is like give them the dimensions bank vault pit right it's going to be on the remote G the emerging movie. I think all the balls are like whilom would you still. A Gaza old Kevin we're gonna bring Kevin there are people the his name's Josh Brown I've had it's my dad's refund so light. Coming up on Monday here on a wakeup call we're gonna replay that crazy phone call we got earlier in the week we gonna do that Monday at 640 and it's caused a big buzz boldly where people and he. You're gonna have to hear at 640 on Monday and then the thousand elect passcode is coming back Monday morning at 7 AM. We we're jam packed all the way I can't work or not work its its dogs I guess we are very well. Glad I was gonna say ladies and you are dead. You're not that it's. Actually kind of sad that that we only have two more of these out wake up call. All live appearances scheduled because I love it because people bring us free stuff. I have been brought all kinds of things Kevin does it run it we brought him anything but at all. But KV has been brought one kind of thing and judge doubled that microphone right there for the longtime listeners say hello. Hi everybody. Tied and we haven't seen you in awhile and you just got a brand new job right I do Ed congratulating you own and what you wanna say what it is now I MD sass and assistant to eastern manager guarantee the winery in a certain amount. Yeah that happens with marks its. Hey guys just aren't really big you can see where this is going because. People have been bringing us things in their diversity except for Katie gave up. Pretty gets what kind of gift and I think it's what you have what you have in that concealed Starbucks back I have a cervix magnitude different rattles of line. Up. Four puma for Ewing data. Not just for me the district but you can share. Think well maybe you'll Sharon camp. So I thought no no no you. Okay there's a thirty man dollar bottle of redolent -- low and that which is our top seller reserve OK and there's also led two dozen fifteen the union may play. The difference at Sammy a fact its sister great just won best of show at California State at this here now hello I'm that's awesome congratulations to you guys and now but. I appreciate that you brought why but don't you think. They it is probably a much larger range yes. That's troubling that when people think of Katie. They only think of one thing and that is alcohol some sort of alcohol somebody tried to go into the liquor store that's right behind us. And why her bottled wine and all the NY outlook 6 AM. And they haven't told at a liquor store. Now. How hot it's true. Early for wine to your question is is that troubling that go on a continuously by Katie alcohol at times it is not traveling at all it is expected. At this point. And I have a problem you might have a problem at Willis it. Here problem but that is very person you are very there's. People felt my. I think there's anything. Yeah Jay Robinson very nice quiet. But at third at our next live appearance enables them next Friday and I would love it did people know every few numbers the game. Brought Katie that cheap is why they could find a like it they can fly like food dollar ripple that comes meg glad gallon within I gotta tell you something. I hope not look at the. Don't forget your weight thing I. Because I feel like I make my decision but why are Biden looks by saying bring it wears. We're still working can't open it right now you don't have this. Op you can't yet should I go yeah. Oh she's traded theater out here brought down. Thank you gen up class the other and it's called rotten day. Well yeah so we're running lately in the old sugar Mel you smell like outlook. Hello. You bet you don't be so well wild we'll take you to everybody who came out there's still a group of people and here's this guy everybody. We're going to be here until at 10 o'clock XL I if you are out media on your way like domino. Not an adult league yet we're we're going to be here for a few more minutes if you wanna combines Anas. It's he'll wake up call sex on tour next Friday were going to be him also comes so you can now operating your calendar and counting up to see there. I will be back admit it's a wake up call live on what a 65 the end. The only way to go call one. I India and.