Katie Goes Overboard On Birthdays

Tuesday, March 13th

Katie is MORE than making up for missing Rayne's birthday last week:


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Wake up call 106 IBM is classic o's got a chaotic kitty got the political. Line what Tuesday nights yet. So Gavin and I mean we kind of had to figure things out on our own enemy Katie runs the show around this place so you tell everybody I'm your bots. Germany believes that them you guys and Ann Arbor is a game he got sick on Thursday and Friday is still there we were like you're down net all week. And what it really sad it was that it was your birthday last week writing up. It was Richard gave birth they chill. AM don't like to do a nice little spread them Peebles per day. Would you have never experienced ranges you're new to the showered got your first birthday on the shall. So I decided it. Sue would do little bird they spread today I brought balloons I did not realize you brought one blew out. All argue a lot of they did. Because I had it was seven mania but I about tell Bob the balloon abundant deactivated even go back outside began after you use up. And you can't probably peed on by now I. I realize that the balloon and say. Thanks so much I did figure that it birthday balloons I apologize for that. Sort of makes you bought a balloon and I look I love the intent on buying balloons bomb but you didn't. He didn't read the balloons Boeing did not our blood so much still applies. Begs much for being in a lot. Okay. Warren I think it takes like in. So I made that is spreading here whether it's very exciting isn't she and Brad I have some begin she'd come every game and I think you know. Overboard. In a way that I've never done before and I think it's because there were two birthday is. I do like taking care of people I think you guys know how max's service is definitely keep you love each and ice I need to know when to quit. Because obviously Brad that whole thread and all the big platter and enough food for four people yeah yeah I. And he's done to those full grocery bad apple. Doing no shook her home wanna. So I can hold on these for you there we see even adorable commonly it's called them in their favorite thing called a reason. But. I'll mind and that's the frozen bite it OK I didn't change. I enjoy a lot I'd probably. Do I don't know a lot of David hope he's right. A little bit of a drug lord who won't lead I brought my books but. I. They view is only four people how all right Y I I. Log cabin stuff this is what this does well. And I mean I don't clams and law gay does Dave Camp doesn't begin. Do you. Needs. Okay our. That was it between between the three of us in the studio intern Kevin indeed that five. And that we have a couple of interns. I mean Deb what are you may aid would probably not totally enough I don't know what happened around but for some reason stopped glance at a in a. That being container. That. And he sees what else did a lot of water is why are. They aren't pretty should not beating the building I got these putts. There are. Per second first of all it does say America's favorite stuffed glad. And that's what end served. Nine grill ready glam. And that I look a look back at. I'm free need the job it's like. All right a little guy was right back get right back my good in the microwave I don't doubt in my quote. Okay. Clams are absolutely you'll key on him. I mean Ruth and airtime or even. Byrd in what a good play and he'd be a little bit and opened a bag of chips come with it. Chips on the way years or younger. Good practical won't you do. Gates Ciampi about so law mean. Inane. And respect I do like a couple questions about the bag of chips yeah. Looks good. About it didn't you Annan and well then that's about a hook up their uncle. No now before hand what I packing this is there anything left in your pantry so yes really. Reel real with the birthday cake and yeah. A.