Katie & the Hotel Fridge

Tuesday, August 14th

Katie got charged $500 for removing everything from her hotel fridge, Gavin & Rayne say that everyone knows this but Gabe has Katie's back:

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The last week we were in Chicago for a morning show boot camp which is like a seminar they do for a couple of days where they have morning chose from all over the country to come in and and they tell us about hears things you can do on your show and hear things to get better we did a hotel all very fancy hotel and I chaired in green and spread in the middle of downtown Chicago. It was the seemingly fancy and have free Wi-Fi I didn't. Have like a refrigerator let him many bars and stuff and in the rooms and sometimes you can kind of tell how fancy hotel is. Depending on if they have mini bars of the rumor not well apparently I'm Katie received a mysterious charge. On her credit card. While we were there after the first today. She went to go contests how much was charged 490 dollars and away they say the charge came from. That came from man. Per say could he being too many things that of the many dredge. Up I had given them my card. Blame it use that money at the hotel. Then they look at that as a she moves are so they start holding older out of your account just be on the safe side now. And the staff in the mini Fred I meet many French pull her out like some laughter over it's like it either later. So I talks about many edged. Dress rehearsal that like. That's cleaning staff and staff could see like K this flood an open. Bulgarian lined up nicely. I think in many friends you leave you let something out of this mini fridge it's all based on eats. Do you lift something happened and you don't put it back and thirty seconds it instantly charges your room yeah. And you. You're saying that. Like. At those pretty common knowledge slash detail if you eat it has a sensor on it so he knows when stuff is being taken out he needed charge and and in the cleaning staff comes in the next day and restock Sydney verify if it's gone or knock. You acted like this many current situation. Is that norm everywhere but why would you drive one at her at her. Burn experience why would you take step out of the mini fridge to play. Old food leftover food and and a death but the mini fridge is designed for and access a break your race is so afraid July cued this shouldn't use this for anything else in the mini for usually I've never seen that either would that. I don't know if moral environment yet he did he just an accident and did it again. Didn't like. A lot of bridge this is this did not like cold enough for thing it's sad that followed. Today. Right. You just have food poisoning. And stands like bullying. And I gate key thank you coming in gave you welcome. To eat and mark have firm. Her prince that does. Now that's ridiculous every time I go to a hotel but how as a mini bar I always take the stuff about that I can put my own up to the probably get charged and never been charged before that is so weird every time I go somewhere to a hotel. I'd buy my own bottle wine can they find out it's my advice and I and my bottle of one. In the principled guy just like every good person to. But you. Arraignment. Several happens. Until right now. Do you go to a hotel and you open the fridge and ignore the sticker that says this is not for food it'll poison you say I have what do you know sticker right. Open the French and the fridge is already all of order and drink or just drink at all what ever okay. Like and I feel like this is the trap if I touch this stuff it's the they're gonna think I drank that signs not telling you'd bet that your it'd get charged yeah not. Not to put food and so you can still put your your own bottle of wine in there like when I laid out its I know it's a lot like the beginning of raiders lost ark with the golden statuette Ali act it's weighted you got if you do you take off and then. You play began write a giant bolt gonna cry. Stay the why they do it and how it works what I am saying is let's not act like this is the norm. And everybody trample has always known that this is true. Katie you're such that I was to this let's let's we have to wake up call listeners text the word still rage at. The 73389. If you agree with Gavin and I like it's pretty common knowledge right they're not supposed to take things out of the mini parade at DGE. Or text we'll sit whine hey now don't you why it 73389. If you agree with Katie engagement. That if you agree with Katie and David that this is not as common as you'd think it is and a lot of people don't know you can't take the stuff out of the many friends. Think there are people understand. We mean takes up at the mini binge drink get an and that means we should be charged. We teen takes many bid reg. Good so that put hack. Nobody thought I saw her right we know what you mean and by the way you sounded drunk we reason toward the bridge twice.