Katie Invited To Ben's Wedding

Wednesday, September 27th

Gavin's brother, Ben, is getting married and we find out if Katie is invited or not:


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Call one of those things I'm the end guys welcome Gavin is brother bend into the wake up call good morning then the morning right do we. Ben on the phone because coming up in November. Ben is getting married to his long time boyfriend. Caleb won't. And it. Been getting an earful. From someone in this room to either green or Katie could be I there could be either about how they had not received an invitation to the wedding had to wait wait a minute no I. I didn't CNET assault okay this hey this is your best friend over here and it's insane mess so I would just like. To squash this beef right now. And just. Find out what's going on here because. Like being put in the middle of stuff whatever Katie would say I didn't get my invitation. My first response whose lives. Why don't you owe tax band hail lab and ask them and effusive and I wouldn't say he's been getting an earful what I would say is we've moved recently you probably don't have our new. Grants but I feel. I don't wanna put you in uncomfortable situation where you have to tell me that no I am not invited to hear what will be beautiful wedding. I'm not so I was just trying to may have been doing. So let's figure out what's going on year ban why hasn't K eight. Received an invitation and if the answer is she's not biting your love to say that feel free. And urinary save space. Does you're allowed to say about it. Blocking every Carolyn I have a look at hey UN we would love to have you Obama as saying there's bags K I Gavin told us not to invite. And I'll let I'm. Yeah. It is not like hey did you who are we have. Yeah he would ever lied to me. I he's a good person you you're bad person and sounding no I don't really know they know that I know why did you think that's yeah. Because I remembered her flight when you're talking about a man who could about oh. And I said god what are your thoughts what are you biting Katie and Euro lag absolutely not. How cool. Oh yeah. Yeah oh yeah. I think is going to do a lot of saying we want to show I don't. Do. You agree. I I don't know want to take you seriously would not take you seriously. And lied and you can't tell when I'm making a joke. And a lot of people team go all out that your. Yeah. And it's safe to say you have a history. Who leads telling people. Don't lobby your round you tell me that I am I not allow it to talk to your brother bandwidth to end up until until a new green beans meat I am series all the time. Your client I. And joking with a judge can be and I am sure why. And Cuba and joke you know and we had a good time with the big. Funny joke and everyone laughed I mean I think that this is what I did because. Getting to see exactly the kind of person you are cabin. Who is a garbage person I. Well. You sell Nancy you're the voice is so bad that people can even your own brother he's shown you his entire life heated enough. You're joking you're kidding well clearly that's true and I need to put you through Gavin trainee won a lot again band that is an untrue story all fake news. And you drug seriously and I honestly thought that the reason why was because you wouldn't Caleb we're trying to keep her wedding small that's why I thought you didn't bite Katie. I need add her right now are hated you when he blood. How. I. And saying well good idea hundred. Beginning beltway and bring said he didn't feel like you wanna come out. No I don't unflappable all I didn't say bad get administrator wrote me in CU Howell who we you're we are also AM why we weren't invited I was just saying that. I Kate. He was the wind that was spearheading that campaign. I am just an innocent bystander and every year and listen I theater that does not wanna see your beautiful wedding I would love to go to the wedding if I happen to get an invite absolutely I would love the idea I AMA master gardener catcher. I don't. Actually it then if you wanna make data as uncomfortable as possible. Remove. Caleb garter and then fully and indoor crowd oh my god and that would make me. They would be hilarious and yes I know king could.