Katie Saves Ben's Wedding

Tuesday, November 21st

Katie wants to bring up that she "saved Gavin's brother's wedding" by taking crying Theo from Gavin's step-dad so he could go back to watching the wedding from his seat


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You just call. Well I think IBM and. And Kevin's brother recently got married congratulations. Want to him not me well you're the brother and left me it is funny by the way that we're playing here comes the bride it was a gay wedding. I think it's here comes the natural and those are not the lyrics. Don't care okay. Alternative and the sound death there is born this way by Lady Gaga. He blade nice. But KD came in I was telling us about the wedding in south into Salmonella is the main thing and incest did it. That she saved the wedding. Be honest what the hell you're talking about. So a Van Halen big evans' brother and brother and mom come they had to. The only in the wedding gavel is in the letting in his life CC is also in the wedding doughboy is Connor and the hour in the wedding. And down map are actually our former inter contrasts out. We asked a lot of our intern knew what is in her wedding of the Lal article. And as she brought the boys on the I don't banks and you know she Kennison of Connor and that she'd passed Al baby PL. Have to Stacey all. The Ellis was kind of got so he. Media wasn't terrible but he does start edict can I get there should really he wasn't being bus he will look on his face was just anger our bracket you know I think that's so CC steaming up there with him he started offense is starting to kind of make no way is she. And her. Gavin step dad. Who's sitting in the front relative the only does. Reaches out takes theater like put a lot of slap we'll deal with not having many are so rotten it. Gavin said data get fat and goes to the back. You know where. Behind all the chair of the very back so I feel is no longer upsetting anybody here. Yeah how can drowning hanging out being this distraction right mixing and had to sell ice sneak out of my chair I go to the back I take field from rod and he goes to town just enjoy the rest the wedding. I keep feel quiet progress in the way. A June wedding. You're welcome good. What are your doggie amount. And then saving of the wedding. Is saying. Stir the wedding and what these weren't your words. Now may be looking back QB exert cap stack I almost always MB Zarqawi but you say and they Katies fame the lack. I mean that was sarcasm. No I mean it's sarcasm in his base a little bit and truth a guy and great big. I. Well I don't tolerate that it was very funny. To watch. To watch my wife here in my crying son over to my step dad. Who then goes to the back and then not more than thirty seconds later. I see him call walking back toward his chair with out my childhood and I have a moment going to. Holes went to. I didn't have the legal. And I don't look past low lights on like all Katie got MRI. Yeah I am I do you are you trot how much legs and gratitude I need to know lavish on you bull or you weren't like. I have to say you saved the way things. Do you I say yeah. Nickel AE well Haller might Null if you are being up OK so. I didn't say it's are drastically would you didn't take. It bring it. I don't bring it out. I'm telling my right now. And that they can you do something nice yeah that was sarcasm so it's hard enough. Don't want to treat the day and everything. This just once your toxic person and how. Can I I have started a charity and it's ver survivors that he's easy marriage. And your husband Mike is currently an. And your ex husband and remember it's been three but we're currently something new members rain we don't we know it's open enrollment season. I put in my application last weekend helping its approval got a broom dollar I don't really have to do he got a broom do tells one sad story about how she made you feel warmth. Yeah. Tired and getting beat up for me in good friend GM. He's breathing you. You know I know I'm getting just thought I'd like to thank you want milk OK here's another thing I did bring that down. Prove I don't want different things because many of these things you Bradley didn't even tell you not only hurt us further. First or not I took a lot of pictures of you and your family. The wedding I appreciate the picture my kid yeah and your beautiful wife I mean I don't want any pictures that you mean well. More than anybody tend to take the only good photos of ill. It's up high volume up photogenic I didn't face two to one of that is so that you wouldn't feel bad about yourself yeah. And added cat ears. And you wake up call.