Katie Saves Toilet Chick

Wednesday, November 1st

Katie recently saved a chick and she had to confront one of her biggest fears to do it:


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The way so 165 C and you know I am no issue introducing guests here on then on the way the ball. This one could be the hardest one I've had to introduce. Katie actually brought in. Baby taken. I get why lyzard baby chickens studio I am not complaining will break the law should we name the baby chicken before we get into its ever one knows who were referring to an hour. It named her name is ruby ruby how you know it's a girl. Dell but it is 'cause she's the check. Rescued her yesterday come on you don't want out there. I don't remember exaggerating what of the most. Heroic. Maneuvers I've ever adapt my daughter's soccer game and I he pulled out. And I just started hearing. Where's it coming from where is that coming from a key town so I find her and I realize. She needs help she didn't distract she'd pull escape from where she is by herself. Gavin I have two fears one as murky water now gather on yeah. Oh and now all. She was stuck can impart upon you know why yeah and not hold on. 88. And you're telling me the baby eat chicken yes what they don't. Yeah this is a poor body chicken yes toilet chicken I ever heard jokes started this way and so does that give you colder ruby not John. Okay. It. Our rights itself I already led to get out of my head that the bankers think I'd. And then it would I dreamed zednik why didn't Amer after the dolphin on a bar Reba yeah. The color ruby everyone else closer John curriculum it. So low all of our body door is like is like more than I did you know generally mean the Porta potty when she yeah. Like on the for the Porta potty in the toilet with The Who is I. Men just so. You're gonna. Watch this and float. How long it. I guess I called 91 and good Rudy all the situation like at 91. Lot of McCain and a member of highly keep lots of trash in my in the back to my comment about by design right. I assure you this well I found a cardboard box rural rip it apart. So that I can create something to ruin. It's Barack millions super panic at this point like we give up blocks are not. You know a little bit. Bad I Goddard. All the cardboard box that I could not act like. I don't think the nicer to block the Barbara box at a strip of card portion went like. So does the edict that I circling that she would just jump out. Met out of the air right. Way to reach it all I'm god with what what. What did you put like a Bagger and your hand you reach you with your bare hand eye regional may very well. Yeah yeah. And not have to Ginny big that was the Porta potty. Lower than JB show you he had been an important spot in the. Hello I am your hands are not allowed to touch me or my family ever again well we clean to her and myself I. I'm on a widget is what they do far. Oil covered doctor stuff I want. Rather touching oil covered doc. Taking the ball again. Yeah I give a good worker okay I well look through the Porta potty so off. Ruby slash John and I would've been like life's not fair yeah. First I am I was like oh my god and they closed the door 'cause what are what are. Goodell right I couldn't walk away I could not deal. This isn't intentional thing right now they had to now been intentional so that people are garbage is not terrible people are garbage. So you can hate chicken all you want. But don't do that. I have to in the words driving home even speaker ball I am explaining the newly rescued and check. And is the congress is goes on he's coming what got to Garcia's story says chicken breasts and did. Did he wanna touch you. Share oh my god I IIE Washington CN Tasmanian about. I'd die and they are so dry cracked today but did it washed up and wash them. And wash yet but you know what I saw you do before he told me the store the odd god will be just a good compliment. But I got. And isn't ruby dimpled treasure you grow up toilet.