Katie Says Dios Mio

Friday, May 19th

Katie and her family recently moved and it happened much faster than planned. Her husband found "less than reputable" movers, who put the biggest scratch in the wall from shoving their couch in the door of their garage ... Katie says "Dios Mio!" to which they did not respond:


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But again if you recently moved yet but had to pay. We even. The deadly sort of ended up moving. Much much faster than we intended to go as far as like what the actual move date lies. And the reason for that is because we were going to move on them. Thursday like have that be the big. You know movers come day but we're Annie is the weekend prior to that Thursday 20. Just move step over it a little things here and there because movers charge by the hour and the last stuff they have to move all less expensive and will be. Well known. My husband without my knowledge. Pack to. And brought Albert Johnson not stuff from our old browse to our new house that we could no longer eleven our old house anymore but he didn't hack and not from the old house to the new house. That we could live in the new. Has so we arrived. He. Does like horrific moving purgatory where you're hot or not gonna move your stuff. That's already gone on the new house back to the old house is to move again right. So we decided a like on a whim let's just move this weekend like we've we've moved some sub barbaric he is not just keep gallon tank we eat. Did not have movers planned because we did not plan on moving that weekend. And sell my head just went and thousands. And less then your reputable. Quote rug pulled movers. What does that mean. I don't actually know what it means I think where did you find these movers and he just said in. I found and so I like that Google searcher. Driving through like let's assume they got. Loom depot parking pat I know I don't know I didn't ask we can probably assume one of those extra amount I. Sold weekend living tracker whenever like new year holiday. And a little less reputable move. There's a number and they are shut. Our couches through no like Doris your garage goes into your house. Is that. We have two identical cow just haven't denied the night before had moved this exact same kind of cabs through the star right. No problem Owen think no problem even went a little sticky what yes but we didn't damage anything that is true many. Put the biggest. Scrap. In our wall shopping and says cows through the door. OK you can all the manager and less than a human and I'm not I didn't know. What I did was it an Ab birds. To speak their language that I do not speak they don't speak English they did not speak English guy I said in Dubai he and the one on each side of my dad who. Now all them. Like you. Shouldn't you have damaged my help then you did that because you'd thought they wouldn't understand it Walt Caldwell warned him right. Death or even is it that in those are words kind is this is this internationally but yeah. And even. Here is bad not only would they not understand war law well. They did not understand Diaw is real because will be finished speaking it turns out. May god and they weren't you know oh why. So they're probably did speak English enough to tell you by the way we don't speak at. Did toxic they didn't talk to me so that meant the 800 C and so all this well. English to go to a language other this. It's. Clearly marks high and good now I have been accidentally erased since I won't even exclamation. The disapproval chair well. So obviously I had to run up to the bedroom and hide. From them for the rest about these days in the bedroom while yeah fortunately they had Schaub album furniture out there at that point. It's a lot of it is quite a lot of that I had. I look back and big. Well I panic M. What do you meekly Katie situation and then. The best part for me from top to bottom and yeah. And here's a thing like most situations around here you come and I think didn't trouble me here we do of HR but parking lots for the pick on these high. Hi I mean there's that that's where I has been found well let's just assume yes it's wearing when you found don't understand is no HR department in the in the back corner. Of the lows of solo Home Depot call I can't still be hated by other humans and a short skate is true yeah. I've awards I mean I. Had this I had to hide from somebody in my house once but it was amazing and so that's that's in my defense what happened when when we have. Cable guy come over to the house to pick something whoever really thick Jamaican accent. And my brother comes over while the guys still there working on the TV. And my son Connor who was four at the time runs in goes. And then there's a talking weirdo here off topic and it was that moment that I would just like everybody. Ice cream well let's leave that the cable street journal 40 yeah. I didn't mediator react nowadays that goad us. The only 1065 PM and.