Katie's Chub Rub

Tuesday, October 17th

Katie thinks she has another medical emergency..again. Find out what her doctor has to say:

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The wakeup call 165 PM tell Katie had a and other medical scare another one this week. It feels like there's one we clean. A lot of things going out of my body arraignment we now can do that has happened wanton and not quite so what is the medical scare this week. And it. I'm not proud. First so many reasons are you proud of other ones. How I ended like hate it what what am I supposed to do this fund now I let myself go down a Google rabbit called. That ended up being humiliating at the end. I mean. Pretty much convinced myself that I ever penis oh my gosh that's why has had a like leg out red marker on the inside might tie a bow like. A little closed surgeon might Jean about that I was comfortable at okay no okay. And not I take cute doctor groove all like I am one didn't detail what he had did did what they have done that an adventure. Bitching and our priest. So that they are researching herpes and I can tell you guys something like one import people as herpes. From it'd considered it. It is not even. Shaq money in other regular like. It's TD tags. Why because it is so all comment and has apparently you can happening here since some. And it never ever ever shows up so there's no sense in telling someone you have her tee is. It's it's never going to present your cell. And I am. If it does it's considered. Like Dermot whole logic all. As soon okay it film pirates is good yeah but it's it's it's still not consent it's still considered by some thing. A dermatologist and take care. That is I triggered not a guy so honest ushered lawyers said Pamela this is what this is what the Internet that boat carrying. All of the Internet. Right well I know I gotta I have herpes going to be really it can like laid dormant like you see these like pose some woman there like I'd been I was married for 37 years my husband passed away eleven years ago I haven't had intercourse and all that time and I had in herpes outbreak it's like ha. I now. So well. Hey Megan emergency plan and with night at a college those. Online I needed a blatant they I'd say it's. I have herpes so I I got acknowledges Watson is like. So what's all in all and like it but things are unload your euros M I did they are but it did and he's like. Let's just check out so you guys are neighbors second do all of your doctors have Katie tab. Like when you try to make an appointment like this this this or I am caving. You IITI. Good Italian but it seems like OK this all goes got to you know how do you feed up and syrups thing and it. I thought it was humility. Eating enough to have to go into the ecologists and I I can have herpes what he told me seemed far more humiliating and I don't herpes. I panicked guests from the tone that you did and I you seemed a little too Jew really jovial about it. What I had is a bad case and Chubb brought with shop rob. So when your advisors so big they rub together give your us. I don't I wanna laugh now but I feel like you're gonna get mad at me a bile I'm. Eddie L because your new your eyes ears so big that they rub together. It's just my eyes are big they read together I really Joba probably won't you love savvy move as quickly as I am. I guess not huh. After. Chuck drug before and I get a lot enemy very honest I got it when I was in Europe actually this week's slight a slight. Super sweaty and you're walking so how old are you so much yeah I mean at the end of the day like. Especially if you Wear pants like for a good the next day your fine because it in limits depiction but yeah when you're wearing shorts and you want to randomized you have is. Get a CE. You just rubbing you down you never had Schaub I think I did when I was a kid and I would go to the beach and light. He gets sand makes stand down there and stuff like that. But this is just peer fraction man no. That's little lies so you're there what the steroids yeah I near ear OB GY and yeah. Now did they look right away and just go not that Ali so right away he was just like come on yeah I don't waste my time. Do you slot that anyway. I don't say I'm gonna get my money is I hope he did so we did Slava coming obese while did. And then pretended to like do something with the turn is back on you and then just come back mil like yet says here you need to lose weight.