Katie's Diets Are Dangerous

Monday, October 16th


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6:5 PM and eleven year old boy in Canada would wind blinded. Just based off a diet right junk that is a 100% correct me please. Now he's gonna be okay he's slowly recovering a little better okay but he went blind because his diet only consisted. Of hook. Pork or lamb. Apple's. Cheerios. Cucumbers. And potatoes. Any aid that way for years. And that is I don't see all of those foods and nothing else we bad for your bishop well Alitalia. None of those fruits have vitamin a and vitamin K is what keeps your eyeballs moist. No more yap so now he's being tree with like extreme vitamin a supplements and that's how it's coming back now. Great question. How this could lead to blindness Katie. Great question that I'm sure if they get. What do you do this. Because he had food allergies. Just like solar wind and this yeah. Don't want you to go blind labor doesn't want you to go blind. You went your true allergies because you're gonna go blind. Or CNN this friendly. Yeah I is. Have just this captains already and not like we have to tell Katie is she's gonna go blue line pitcher yeah that's still the analogy is mom. And no wind I've never seen anybody tinker with the diet. More than you have over the last two years old and. Among. All alert that have been eye contact but I didn't say spending a dairy dairy dairy important. Isn't really do care about me. You actually have concern. About my issues. You really very sweet. You guys haven't you found the article the agent didn't bring your rain and then like only time we LPG. So all. So we. Are a lot of permanent food fat. Not the end of the day I don't think you're missing the point yeah. I think that is being very clean up the point is that you care about midnight Sunday he can't get your feet. True but that's not the only take. Takeaway is that you have to stop monkey and with your foods. You gotta eat cat is an uncertainty. Inform me what. Yeah honest sees something that happened to me because I'm important you guys here's what we don't want to happen obviously this this eleven year old boy to had a terrible diet who. I you know sure. Reverence and now he's getting his eyesight back it you sort of beyond some sort of strict diet that enabled you from getting the vitamin A the Unita had a and you started to go blind do you know a good start to happen. You guys it's a feeling really sad because they wouldn't you party like no we yeah. BM even after re outfit this studio. Like railing. Sayings and I I'm Bret. No pads okay and we want. How much war that began her hell burger or animal yeah and why would you do that 'cause this show now on I now do. Because I already have a harder not in the least she didn't do as your friend for your friend. It may give her like a little easier when she comes to work. To feel embarrassed about this we all its stride and I often do they think haven't been event where all that spread that I think fat is really the take away. Gavin can you imagine the conversation where. She comes Dawson says guys I have some very serious news or person in your face. It'll put. IE I have had a terrible diet because this is one of the 68 diets have done this year. Let any hits and now Yemen green. And blind or. Yeah. You and Lago club and now the only thing rain actually that would be good. But B is we work in a studio where we can record our voices. So all we have to do is you and I would just record something that every once while you do you're an hour ago. No one. I'm sorry. I don't know I would play in the studio and you're like at least I'm never out. Couldn't sacking you guys started didn't showing concern. I don't know they recording didn't sell that lack of DL again they're trying to get. Me I'd actually good point. Hey wow I think she's so I don't really care about you guys okay oh wow I'm sorry I'm sorry Al I know.