Katie's Hair Cut

Monday, July 17th

Katie gets a new hair cut, Gavin and Rayne tell us what they think!


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A six by the ball one of those things IBM's cell last night as the wakeup call in and had dinner and I was little late. Guarantee we're a party at the restaurant I locked up. In the first thing I notice Katie spring a haircut his dad and you had colored until you middle market. I got low heights big deal now of course the bird that's the first thing I said I'd. Zach hey guys what's up hey giddy love your hair looks great but she turns directly to Gavin and her response is seen that's how you're supposed to deal it so clearly locked in at the hip and a very. Armed tense time it's being Gavin in Katy. I stand by my statement that yeah how you deal. Do you know why wasn't even explain deal good right after that we went inside and we quickly shifted gear I'd quickly. Put the pieces together on what exactly happened I don't you get rain I don't like change I don't deal well with that likened indoor house cat. And I walked up and I see this and I and immediately. My responses. And Bob in the air. It's darker for hanging her head is darker. I like to hit. I guess it's safe in the terms that he did because I think it's very important. He wouldn't say it's darker. He's and then. I. Aren't any stand air pressure blood and they guns. Get some. They did say that in public rank and while it's almost like I didn't probe the area. The fact that is cutting in other years and you did in that should be said okay. Hi and because I didn't know why they hear about it from him never glad. You keep telling me we're not as president you're not my girlfriend so why are you limited to my hair done. Repair and we've heard changed. My I'm not a. A three year range she went on and on all of this red hair on this head. Never been died this is the natural color people love this code hey don't let that. Help me and my. Junior back color because I want a bias I wanna look just like UPD a date but no the thing that he is set I have ever come out of mind how. What happened a lot in the in credit and people say oh I got a pretty the your hair colored and then I wouldn't say I've actually never cut my hair. Well that's not true anymore she's colored her hair right yeah here yeah you can't let her day. And and you don't really. Looks task I did the very very low lights begins now well. Yeah canned and it's it's it's too much remains okay and then she got upset at any rain because what I said. After that. Yeah she then yells at me and then and then I let her hire herself out. And then I go I like the cut. We could. Here's the pig. I didn't. I skim about how about a M it doesn't matter he likes that either and I screen either but he won't eat all the Steve Martin that does see my hair that. And I believe say something nice pull out of it's not true then saying nothing. Exactly one of the most important things you can do is compliment a woman when you immediately see that she's done something to Wear or what if you don't like it doesn't matter. I don't believe in lying to women you know one day you know why because you obviously knew that you got your share your C super proud to make you think it looks cute in it did it to change for you. You know that you have made that change you are waiting to hear from other people if they noticed the change. Well why do women have wasn't just keep your stupid big mouth shack that the trap tell because it's good but I know I know her. The dead if I walked up with not one but two major changes to her head. And IA said nothing she would've. At the end of dinner I think as you would have been like you know what I'm ride it out maybe they'll say during dinner do you really deep as moderated out. Yeah sure sure I can because I am no work so well. She got she wouldn't think anything and that as we're walking out to the parking lot Hewitt even at that moment when we're saying goodbye and spreading out to our cars she would take may be odd one yard walk thinking still like. He's still got time he's so I. Turnaround like. You know I got my hair dye. Been nice if you noticed I what are. And then but you know albeit all. Of that and Burton does I got my. It ha.