Katie's Kids Don't Do Fun Things

Monday, March 20th

Katie’s daughter Abbey was hanging out with us today and, while she was here, Gavin discovered that Katie doesn’t take her kids anywhere fun. Listen to Katie try to defend her parenting:


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Yes so we're sitting here. He's got her out easier to deal. Looking good grown up so fast before seen. Crazier yeah. Our kids love that joke is any animation lab and I said Katie you left the room for a few minutes and in seriously and that few minutes Gavin is on the way to destroy your Fam. I'm not this. I think I'm saving it and even earlier saying he just always trying here's what's happening OK I gave your mother or your company then I gave your mother an invitation to my son Connors birthday party you pick it up. And what's the first thing you say. It'd downhill. And I think yes it did and then you said it. You're and so now lighter sentence and said and I said. Have you ever been to bounce you before and then you said yes and they said well good Tokyo may say I went for Valentine's and I feel a check on apple wheelchair to pursue all your school Tokyo. I said to your mother ever take you know. And I think no no. Okay now let you love that right yeah yes and I'm sure that you probably came home that day after school and said mommy mommy mother mama. I'm highly unpleasant experience the mile life and it was called bounty hunt them and then she said what does she say you told me she said. I will never take you anywhere on my yeah. Yeah. I am this is what happened behind the scenes in to her credit now as it is chasing every month. I looked at me and said did you hear this Katie does in better children do anything finds so. And she hasn't taken any refined my daddy said yes she does but then couldn't tell us any of those. Oh yeah. Don't know know your I feel like you're you're out of your mother I've got your back OK you know yeah usually care that others. Dirty little lie here and I. We have a you can bet my house and you can tell him on the thumb like you like the plays we'll wind whipped you are right in just two days ago now where is that. Please tell me was to pay her bills week. You know really until I talk golf when all of that about fed that's sounds so much fun. Ask a mother if she ever taking you to a quarter and will one place the didn't have a bar. Yeah. Okay yeah yeah I never taking it pounds you okay I admit it have we ever gone a little place called at all. I don't know I. And even list him wise. Why we're not invited you now hey here's might let you and members dealing with. Marathon team guy and then yeah I was very sure you did I. Perth and ideas yeah we're there I don't remember well well well. Where they got 1000 dollars a barn when there's something just for you it's just savvy guy tunnel. Stahl yeah yeah and I said all your receipts and how is awesome because there's no gambling there's no drinking and no party right. Try not to unduly enjoy family time together. Now move here's my point I didn't hit it fat to wait for a lot. Hole that's every girl girl. I flying I had why also a station promotion now so now we. And he beat me so true where I will would you like TW I haven't been able to go meal like. Oh in New York how big I'd live to New York they think yeah for three years where else. Hawaii oh really. You all. Day bad and then we go navy go uphill lie he. Other dads said Abby do you what do pipe dream is something. Something that I'll never come true on an early in July we play adding I. Always love you airfare and frank. Have you have you did your dad ever mentioned golf fund to meet him. Could hear my point Abby. I saw. And like I'm talking to your daughter you like it when they fight over you. Yeah I don't like either and we are fighting in all I'm doing is looking out for you I'm your godfather. You into. The earth and told they brought. You her spiritual. Yes I am I believe you wouldn't all people they you are her brother yeah. You are a hurdle I don't know why not bother. We don't bother. I can't wait for you to come to my son's birthday party because we do fun things for our children. He lets just let them have birthday parties that bouncy you know I can't wait for you to go and I hope he of the time your life and at the end event. If you would like to come home with me no you are very welcome yeah. Yeah we've gone over this many times. Every time they use credit he compromise Abby what do you setting out. Iberia LA scene a classic song welcome to world of pure imagination like if I feel like you don't live and and is. Part play this tour. They know. The burn their party plays video and happy sound and we can get in theaters this is gonna grow and really it's not cold hard. Wait. I think by me and.