Katie's New Billion Dollar Idea

Thursday, July 19th

Katie is pretty sure she has a billion dollar app on her hands.

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Six idea. Oh boy at all. Can you tell exodus Salt Lake last nights in our group tax instead guys seized on it. She's got it she's got the billion dollar idea. That's gonna send her into an early retirement. Who need to be on the show anymore. Because it's my passion in her man she in somewhere in. Rocklin link in rose bill up up in the hills. Go ahead and share with everybody what this billion dollar idea is. So weak in saying you often that retirement. OK first I need to save penny they look this is my own intellectual property. Nobody trying to steal. Look at me. Nobody try to steal yeah I eighteen on ID yeah I double play this backing corps type guy Italians that does not work. The future will be business card. What is it isn't you. Like on the happen. You shoot all of our electronically your business Carter didn't give members an open Barack. They downloaded. And here's that makes him banned because of some electronic business card and and it goes straight inning there you don't have to type in anybody's email and read it off a business card there'll already be a late. You can Darrell you'll have to dot dial either number are sad that so iron. You won't lose business cards smudged hoosiers own right and they'll just have like. And then he brings the button you're not dialing them. RN. I'm gonna do some. Managers and the right now go ahead a lot. OK I know you're doing what he's ready and Fareed is that I'm grabbing my phone allow okay. And I am going to do something for my buddy green. It's open it's unlocked are right I just sent UK visa business card. There it is. Okay and now and talk to your address is that you emailed a picture on golf now. This is different I don't need to punch in any phone number all sure. Hi how is different. You could type all that information in your found right in your contact info I didn't. You have yeah. Now you're in business mix there I mean you have to admit what I am saying have a good idea how would not she mean it did the right yeah that's why apple event went well. That's how the government your contacts you. Have to go. Web site. Address. What I. One point one person dies. I had to type all your information into my own but ray didn't have to do anything of it by her over there imagine you're at a big business next aha okay. And you've got a business card price I what I look. Like anybody else right and share contact right. And the he be your pocket of people. And then you give someone your car. That person trust and that type all that stuff in the their phone not personally didn't when he does his cards right they don't have to type all that in there about what you. Saying is that birth or what somebody would have to do if we stayed with the old does the business card thing right but what I'm saying is. York apple already exists. It is these shared contact Pete. Getting your phone I tried and. Thanks very hard come from so do. Just a day I will tell you see push get on the but in my information only let said. Yeah yeah I think this is we don't. As we. Its mix. Up that back. How about. I have my business card that I want again to get. Okay on that what is Gavin have to do with. Used to punch in the you can't someone has to put in well in running the government only ever have to put their own Intel in. I MI and oh yeah here and and and then we just. Electronic leash error. And then I don't have to put your in I don't have to put his him. You've got it okay. What did he is what is on your own good. It sounds just like what Gavin just say head I'm gonna stop you because that yeah. Let's bring out John exams are today I feel I have a really I have more bad news. The apple already exists. It's called. Polo name tag. I don't think about that. Well it's an app where you type in all of your information into what looks like a hello my name is Alia sticker on and then you can send that to somebody. Rivalries are expense and see it created that's why I was talking about this and had stolen my intellectual property. I appreciate the investigative. This is why I hate when you get excited because they feel bad. Things you even get on and things so I I. Guess what you're saying and rulings and government to. I think it's a 165. B and.