Katie's Shirt Intervention

Tuesday, March 20th

Gavin is being bullied by some kindergarten girls and he needs help on how to deal with it: 


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Gavin a but you know he yeah I apologize we have to we have to do we're very we got to do this is something we do in the cabinet. Media and a but some today it's you. Thanks okay what is this time it is it is the top that your work yes. Well I will give you that since it's new to new top rally. I have a couple of them I like these these longer tops. Frat so that I can Wear the leggings and I will admit they are not nearly as as. Flattering as I had hoped for re I don't know why you're offended by them but I know I don't look good in them why do you think about it they're not. Flattering. Hate on me about well. Mean like do we as I did that I need to Wear. They are a little like baggy in the act so I feel like a big deal boxy but I don't again don't have any idea why you guys would care about that. I'm not. I'm not kidding. We continue right through your shirt yes again. Can't yep yep you can see like you he adds we can see the details of your bra yeah. We can see the details of your flesh. And and we can tell that it it's chilly right now beams on and I okay. One and put all our. He this is indeed and version of this shirt that I have wore. To the studio because I freedom ring colorless. We now ya what it's not an easy thing to bring up to a woman. Mastectomy to okay nationally times and. Did you you you don't hear the better idea. Let not only did. McCalebb wouldn't he ever in here to shoot video I meant I was all well let's broadcasted. All over Sacramento I call now and I. Didn't even know that she was in here in term Akeelah yet why does mouse he could shear is right here second of all she's always filming always and lastly. And this is. Intervention so everybody who love viewed needs to be part of it which is why we are broadcasting rights that that's better thank you yeah yeah sure arms it's it's really hard dead the. Any cover I might add and they are coming out. But I'm. Did you have a hard at all. Be. There. Yeah I have hardened nipple all the number one and there are. Or not. It's brutal constant it'd cold hot cold hot cold hot cell. What am I supposed to do there's nothing I think can. We're thicker close yeah analyst at. Actually think is bad as you guys say I think that you're just trying to sneak peek at how bad could it possibly be you can. Yeah I mean like think about what you do when you like walk around. When I mean. You're moving very vigorously. And I did my bride deep support me. You can't typically he. Looking down in Cuba and even the shape of my brawl off. We into the deep tales of your brought up what kind of rise sent I whenever I look. Yeah I don't allow. I sort of a lattice pattern at the top. Yeah Chris rock's. Blaze. That. I would personally. I'd wells. Hold the hub of brain you do do you know you know what I'm IE I have lost eyesight I I. Temporary blinded volley really really again like if you look up I use the word aggressive. Yen again a lot of homes definitely coming at me right and that we eat that 10111. Is angrier than the other I. That's you guys something and he got us. What do we regret bringing this up it's meant that the question the question is. How to deal. Leaded Imus well you know the question. Ray yeah I brought them to answer it is subject neither humiliation. All women be tagged. All women of the. Oh that's right now. Well I just got confirmation. That if you want the answer to that. Text in cold December 33892. Yeah CO LD and don't you do after you watch the video text documents are Katie question. So that's a great solution Yemen. We didn't. Last night time zone but I I.