Katies Tambourine Injury

Monday, November 6th

Katie reveals that she has a tambourine injury from the last time she was in a band.


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6:5 PM and again until I Katie and I went out this weekend. Did you know this Keeney has an injury. She sustained many years ago by playing in abandon. No. Nor my surprise. She has a tambourine injured. It's your own it's your own I don't even know what part of you would hurt all while the rest yet. Who. God he's got I don't know. It tambourine and your hips and apparently our series conceded there before we get into it how did it come out. I'm afraid to tell you let me tell you Yemen and Katie decides she wants to be in a band again. She goes through these birds ride it out of the red tide that yes you actually signed up at siesta pay someone to be in there. Pull out now well how did you weren't let's tell you don't happen it wouldn't be what they and bad that does. I I'm not. Usual she's the youngest one minute. All don't do it is it too late to get your money back. Money back from the from the first time it was un ironic to call your band the grandpa is okay in a it's third skip spear is in mid single weekend warrior that same week until we get a lawyer is we get warriors sounds like a sobriety program. Short. I would not gonna tell you guys they knew he'd just crap all over the guy who cares about I'm happy doing sending my love and this is exactly wide looking here and done faith. Just seem arcane one word. Clorox. Visible across all homer yeah she'd get these things that come to her and says. Leonard jumped in the deep and despite not having time finding think and complaining about that all the time war. Not knowing how this am OK do you like not having the ability to say yes OK it makes me mad T writes why would why would she be forgotten all that I. Right here. Is it nonstop complain about how how tired you are and how you have no time. Hobby what should you do it when your time when you have no time I take any special vitamin B twelve now some modest air let's. Back to your tambourine injury. I barely at some point there was massive bruising on her hips from. Aggressive tambourine player. What is the mood music movies use sometimes did he Marines who are I. Yeah I actually an idol I forgot how I'd gotten that injury points used time and I'm I'm. Kind of blacked out there ever a man in a game dealings he's at intimidated by Jay marine Alec reduce your your into a tambourine and why what band with that. What I did we get warriors you tambourine so hard with the Weekend Warriors before that you bruise year. Merely damaged your head. You permanently but now I'm a little gun shy because I don't do it. Here's the thing I try to switch to the gathering yeah. I mean yeah tambourine with your non writing hand you can't hurry her know that I. Did OK but I heard that it too so it turns true. Okay cold night here on. So question yeah did you hurt your head just the you would fit in with the other guys in the band. Here's what won't be happening you guys will not know the performance happens. Do you not know where it is you will not know what aim singing because I will let you. See. East you know what else is is not gonna happen. There's not going to be any performances after 630 at night. Did not as I am Lisa started OR. On the web site. I know I have them take it down amid as saying. Dare somebody's stalking me of this guy's got makeup on are you gonna put on makeup and Wear regular everyday and I. I don't like Blake likes that make up band make up. And more first of all the name the band is gaffe and. Second of all. Allow anybody named Gavin in the event in the ball. Everybody in the band where some sort of terrifying Halloween mask now Blake slip knot now. Our final poll eight. Frequently the tambourine. But you or what kind of day and would that be revolutionary. OK it. I didn't I don't couriers. I would never be caught dead doing minutes. You know that can be a miserable person I don't know I don't know these people don't look other people in the crowd in the same people that perform later could. It impractical and usually the crowd and made about people see only backed it up about that's a good pull. Up next so low.