Kevin Almost Dies 7-16-18

Tuesday, July 17th

Kevin tells us the story of how he almost got hit by a falling tree at a brewfest over the weekend: 

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When a six idea and Gavin. The Canadian who ray go wake up call. Insurgents here good morning injured Kevin good morning and sent like you had a theory of mental Saturday. You're. Close to death close I'm lucky to be alive and talking right now sounds like him what happened tells tells what that may. Aides like he had six grants well. Well every lie was partying and I was bright by the table I almost got hit. A winner isn't. This was not outgrow park Illinois hello grew fast stinging okay. We were laughing and having fun and then all of a sudden I heard a big. I thought it was just the band instrument but now while this does back grammys he's making a more intently at eleven back. And then and that the crack that crack and then I heard a and then I heard about you and I know I. And yet I I was in another way it's not yet and then I heard a scream at. They should lighten up I got it and and that's when I turned around that's what I let. And then I ran all American and then there was someone under the branch and that there were termites all of a and that it was it was crazy it was tactical assault hectic in five minutes I did know what do you think he was not conscious. The ambulance debuted it was a lot of time to stop drinking and I could really market and it it's 390. Okay okay okay hello Richard Allen a person not just a grass like a forty foot big brain it's like a big oak ranch Kevin does not wrong this happen ideal group summer fast on Saturday forty foot tree land. Crashed down onto a man who was then rushed into emergency surgery. He's going to be fine see what was the surgery Allen odd doesn't say just said that he had done some injuries. I mean how could you not right when the brands now I ran toward that that the barrel on the camp felt like. In a row we didn't do anything. And he just ran over there I mean he reign over their take pictures which is what Kevin would deal you do I fix it take pictures that initial incident I ran back after combined spot. Point out a camera right when it happened when not at you when I was right now. Kevin had a moral compass right let's now seeing the guy was covered and termites termite seek he was out caught I was like Qaeda terrified of the Gillie cedes a movie right and I didn't know how to handle the situation and someone's car 911. I caught nine and lions did. But it can't get through apparently a lot of them coming up servers but he keeps saying he was out punches you mean unconscious yes OK just picking show how. Close were mutual it's. I was standing at the tee ball. And then we are like I'll get more Beers so and then we went to go get more beer about like fifty seconds to two minutes later the craft. Happened and that's when everything happened since gone anywhere it spell in the passenger sang. Yes. How far away were you when I actually felt like. Five feet. So you get about it was that far yet yeah it was all the premise that only top ten. I know. No I was here but it did go out that I there can I ask you question. Is it real. The real question and I know I did this whole thing it did it is your question wolf this all being really Harriet greens confirmed it. And then you gave me a look like out Kevin Bryant again no not this time actually do believe BO OK we know why is there are pictures the back about how I know it serious. Are you worried though the you're now gonna get final destination and when buying. Question using those movies right might give up hope you're supposed to be hands on thing and then you do I would say. Like are you worried now that death is gonna come out here that I am. About. Al emergency search. Or emergency surgery. We don't know may I speak very very clear. We are very relieved that the me and that was under the variance is going to be okay and sounds absolutely terrible. What are you afraid that you're gonna get I don't want now I AM but Gavin brought it up I would they get about it what do you what do you do like what do you do. With your day exactly adult male. I. So you eat right so like there's all choking thing we tell that they are fork falls on my fly. I accidentally fly without a kitchen is right that's me right dobbs finally rise of against the Euro and trend of growth. It went nine and two times bigger than you you're live in two times bigger than just a little while when I got my dogs they can't trick me I could fought have a concussion and Donna that happened back and have dinner I mean so far you all are tomorrow. Actually I was. I see lately word not even touching on what could be the real breezy and with Kevin's erratic driving record home. What are you gonna do how are you gonna live your life and he's just stay home all day I mean that's. I think they're cat fight and are going to be lecture sure got a maybe everything next time you base yourself you can actually and yeah it's flat. Forget your diabetic all right there's always bash on a whole lot of sleep happy and do you get vital that they should really even what I value I am today. Diabetes he got sleep apnea that you won't tree you're probably the most final race and each and the person on the show ha. Ha ha ha ha.