Kevin Is A Bad Wingman

Friday, January 12th

Rayne and Kevin have been going out lately but Kevin doesn't seem to be very good at wingmaning for Rayne: 


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When I was six IBM. Curry its always your car. Turned Kevin is here this morning good morning insert Kevin that might mean I was trying to find. The way to sugarcoat this. But I managed command say it. Intern Kevin is a terrible wing man it's. I believe that so Kevin and I. Are not all the time but we go out a handful of times you go hang out together we go in midtown. You know we can bounce around right yeah well I intern Kevin. We live now let's call it does that before New Year's Eve we went out and now we ended up when the clubs and in turn cannon was around a bunch of his friends in this heat that you. If you speed when your friends. Did. And then I tried to follow up. Any immediately shut it down. I immediately heaven like you used to have a one sided story OK okay so how. I it's reduce it to my threads and then he tries to get that that like I. I did this so sat up like this is grade he is a good guy he's my frat these Internet. Is that accurate iron at eight. What are true I guy and that they'd be they did to Iraq okay that stay raids slide that begs the today I. I I off the rails are ready I let I let them free. At that CD assassinated she tells me all about out lied so I'd be new to give them a try and they decide whether they wanna give him a try or not. And that's a definite that's sick. So okay what that was it more than one. Like did you throw a couple lines in the water that might not just wide he had. Leo I'd tell you that's. Just one okay could add one line in an angular okay. Mallet did you do it DM slide the next day I was a couple of days later you know they don't add electric. Are you going to. Say that's. A bad thing to do but go ahead. It's 22 beauty right but then but then let's go back to that night Kevin does the introduction. And then how did it go after that. I'm Mike Tucker one other time. And an when messenger might my actual message was he was great meeting you. I am Kevin's friend a did you have a great rest your night Portland's frank the tank no response. Nothing in not even great meeting new to. EBay here's the thing is we do I don't know exactly what Kevin said Nicky give I think he kind of I. And hey. Over it it's just sad it's or work could also be why Kevin didn't say rights OK a II. Item seemed cabin in situations like this before. And he not a good wing. You don't you don't help people you gears let's find out what not where it's just spike did he have to do it on his own needs. Did you tell him not. I and I an ego yeah. You lied Eli how I know you're lying is because when we just ask you you said always a great guy. That's it that's not talking anybody out there are great. What would you say I think you're great guy I mean believe that I really. Do you remember Kevin when we were Disneyland. And we met and a girl works on radio. Huge crush on dad works in conferences go aha do you remember what I did you remember all the values are projected to you don't know slowly cared about you that you are straight so I TT that's not true I started. I've started telling her like. Message Kevin message cabin as soon as you guys are Don let's hang out. And then I started talking about about you and kept trying to get the conversation back to you and then you just stood there like plants. Huge thing. I'm like yeah yeah. Yeah. The idea and then be in a week and every girl I covered a lot of scary ride holder. And he showed that aren't true. I mean a lovable person that he fired a week at BA and well. Central. I don't. Re edit my Internet LO IX. 8 o'clock I. I'm glad I try I try the hardest hit to the extent of where I'm pushing boundaries seeing that a guy is a great guy is not yeah. As wedge C asset I'd Bassett said back. I said yeah golf Laura do you lobby to hold that he had to first base of that your guide cars stay at school go ahead I ain't got. Well I don't know. Except your a bad week I got a bad way bet I've set up several dates before insist. It's the heart of rain sorry that because Kevin you're gonna be alone brought out. It. Made him a you know let's try it dad I want you to do. Go out this TV you rain and Kevin yeah I don't go out. This weekend actually try to wing man rain and see let's let's revisit this next week. And we'll see how it goes okay actually try to win and somebody army or he might get a gauge if I axe. 1065 the end. The wake up call back Kim.