Kevin & Blue the Umpire

Tuesday, July 31st

Intern Kevin played his first softball game but he does not know anything about softball or how to play. 

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I mean it was stupid. Name forward. It Katie and I had to go out and played a few. Back to back games the softball like a lot complex we're getting an over abundance of text messages to 7339. Asking if we won or lost. We never win we win we'll never win you really awesome both but again I am but they're not actually played them. He first time all season he was the catcher. He actually bad and you. And Kevin I haven't he got out of his first base while he lied he got to bed I can't get any air. And that we all. Erupted in cheer like a baby had walked for the first time wow it was so magic ball. I was screaming and and run I'd never ran so fast in my life that I believe. So did they like just kind of like rolled the ball toward them or like was the actual pitch. Yeah I was pissed off pets get off the chant that however this sad that was. The move was very nice in Kevin the entire time during the game was pitching him to listen to this very low rated radio show was really selling a money. That's good decided that he was going to sign of the ball make Kevin hits in wrote on there Kevin congrats on your first hit signed. Bullet oh that's. Great now Kevin. Knowing nothing about my sports despite having your own sports segment on the show what that is the impression of the out of his first name was political. And then nots. No doubt that you called Leon Wright is they Wear blue. Shirts while now you and I am so hard that the guy I can't warmed the heart. And this umpire hula. From the job seemed like he was not going to be fun Greg has. Apparently didn't meet really soft we'll take it. Very Mary Mary play. They haven't warmed is called that a carton and by the end of that he was. Haven't had of his life as a buyer for you Kevin is blue. Yeah blue. Obama now blue. I want point to his playing catch. You explain. That he have to catch the ball with his lot but do you remember that's. Elephant on the schedule and almost assessment that he couldn't catch it. Please stop and so it didn't hit me left I'll take this statement so people don't get the wrong impression of me blue or any other. Pump are out there. I was actually inspired by several. And not a there's what is wrong won't does this guy he he he he area and like you said it was his first game. I could tell that you know plucked up but I want number one. But the fact that use Melinda go out there. If you were to try. And maybe embarrassed himself a little bit or whatever but out on and then in the end is lasted bag get a hit. Mean doubt that was really nice to see some on Nolan to try something new. Now worried about failure of the when it had success. Had overwhelming joy it just it was heroic measures nicer embassy. Well that's so sweet. Blue your such a better person than him well I don't what some good skills you'd think he needs to work on to beat a better softball player. Quote I'm reluctant show up and not. I think he should just stay the way he has because it athletics. Has so much. You know. Competitive up in it as an umpire is nice to see someone out there'd just out there that out on. What is coworkers. Not curing it he kept the ball. If you stop the ball that you hit the ball size and you don't need anything he is out there to have on and some call. A lot of us who have lost and upload it and it also might see that last night. Well what would you change anything if I told you that most of what Kevin does. Is not about whether or not he wants to go given to try but he just wants people to look at them stop that. Well you'll say about that. I think you're dumber. Yeah. That's below their content. And catcher to spend so much time trying to talk to the umpire during a game. No bill it's not okay well does old attic happy out there on the field. I think he does he eat you realized someone was next to lump. And having that awkwardness of assuming next domain couldn't talk to them need just felt like you needed have a conversation. Does is excited labs and he's a doctoral I think that was part and oh yeah well I blew the umpire we appreciate you Colin in it we appreciate you umpiring me a great game for us an intern Kevin last night. I thank you very much we appreciated in debt thanks Colin and there today.