Kevin Cheats At Fitness Update

Thursday, October 12th

Kevin gives an update on his fitness life


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The wakeup call 165 the end. Last week you're going to call we talked about how intern Kevin Guinea fitness assessments but he might not have been 100%. Truthful. It was pretty clear that he once and almost got to do the things that's. There's a lot of other fellows into yeah there's a lot of stuff involved we'll specifically. You have to run a mile and a half. And it you have to do it it doesn't matter how long it takes and Kevin opted to not do it on the treadmill he wanted to do outside he was given instructions. To stick to a certain sidewalk. And then it turned out that he didn't stick to Doug sidewalk. And instead stuck to a different line. And ended up shaving a considerable amount of time off so they said Kevin ran a mile and a half and fourteen minutes and then they said oh wait no we didn't because he didn't run a mile and a half. Well we challenged him to do it again with the rain this time. Now we were gonna do it on the treadmill together side by side holding hands. However a date in all honesty that still need. Actually letting outside is more accurate right now right way to do that running outside while running outside but and sticking to the path that they tiger was up. Misunderstand. I'm so that's what we did we ran outside on the designated pass that the trainers gave us and Canada and I started it from the exact same starting point. And we ran key and Colleen did have a good news. Kevin did it in the exact amount of time million. That's good. That hurts the most is big Kevin in some betters shape and I. He's not even here at the fittest but you can run the fastest aren't ads salads until it's a lot and that's figure I still ran it. Fourteen minute when al-Qaeda and no miles in Manhattan so did and I thought did I Powell and I need to say that he. Well yeah having begun. And think. Just misunderstood you. I don't really did I miss Sanders I thought with a liar Katie thought you were down editor and not say damn I said even he is misunderstood a lot I may be down but I'm that's not. So so here's the thing is that Kevin getting it in fourteen minutes thirty seconds someone like that when he said he thanks that I did it in fourteen minutes thirty seconds so I was ten seconds behind you. Even though you know you started up with a pretty good lead on UIA's since I hadn't rain in a mile and a half bad pass a long time I had slid into Castro brass. It did look like you where you are going to die was I felt like I was going to die haven't had that many times is rain OK okay and rice and who cares round must Dustin has spacecraft fly about I don't. I broadly why US. You'll see Mallon must smoke I didn't really candidates like they need that that's not an expression that sounds dirty tennis let me ask another question. How many push ups did you do. If you're so I sounds about twenty something now that is not a number you can do about twenty something I and I did twenty. Applying yet I know it's funny because you have Texan being told by. OK you did twenty pushups in two minutes it the year I tell you I did drink presents and just human OK okay you got 1420. As I did but my muscles aren't as big. So I. Were we go from here Buckeyes before older do this together we have to retake these assessments in five. Weeks that I won't compete each other I like the competition among inmates need to beat a guy. And not petition tell. Me. Think immediately you guys got your motivation and proved that a woman can do when a man can do what I can know thirty G no right more RI has not about more version that is it adds to Judeo. Funny. And I don't know that I can I wouldn't question mark at the end why do you find them. She and Kevin in the studio you could barely do you seven. That is now let's just to throw you guys off the game but when I hit Jim timeout just like a different man huh. And hair on this Saturday. You know my hair on his belly just. Duke's ever play on third down the Fed I don't work you know I've been growing a little bit yeah. Yeah it's T hey have a. Do you think he does not imply you aren't. And it's it's it's low now I'm not a DLS comedy and a day you got testosterone in your body for the first time. Feel grants. But you. A lot of bump guys I know how much he bends. Was. If I had the Bob god how much stay back and right why presidents like guide dog but I could have or you can just do the math and figured I know you need to ask them. Right move. Though the Smart conversation there like there's merit what did he do in the gym doing math yeah sure nurses who were there they yeah. That isn't the main body is the above that is add my data. I'd gem costs saying. Once again it now in the third do. Estrogen yeah. I know you wake up call.