Kevin Debt GoFundMe

Monday, July 23rd


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It's by the end. Actually I have a guy who likes to know what I. Eastern is so tied. It's going to your earlier this week about Kylie Jenner. She made the cover of Forbes magazine because she could these. One of the youngest billionaires ever she's currently sitting at 900 million dollars a lot of people kind of got a little upset about it because. Forbes is recognized herself may. Well. You know being born into the cardiac Sheehan empire might edit me EG self made any we've earned a lot of your money off of Bobby sued her makeup kits. But someone has decided to put together he'd go find me page. To reach her goal. Of being a billionaire. The goal is set on this you'll find me at a hundred million dollars almighty god. I'm asking people to make donations. To have her hit her goal of being a billionaire. As you know a lot. Nothing says itself may do. I am more than get me everyone's help to push over the finish line warm believing and someone you love so much that you have to give them your money as a starter by the fact Jewish if you foam and instead I'll tell us. Oh okay. Thought the joke written well I doubt I mean a real joke because actually as of today it's sitting at 2029. Dollars donated. Ha. Intern Kevin is in your morning answering Kevin and a day how much money you've contributed to this yeah hair out cut I need the money Marlon her that's checking out why don't I create my own. On to get me out of debt and if people aren't digging itself to bed and donating that to Kylie Jenner you so you think you should created golf let me yeah. Farm my dad. Things you bot to get yourself and not. OK game's. Growls. You know again Hillary's back. Yeah dad yeah. For an a lot yeah. I dream a bag like much herself plunger are you about laundry for somebody else. Someone else follow really yeah aren't aware for you I don't know. I get my golf maybe allow leaks. All right okay. So right CU are you serious about you asking people listeners. To donate to go fund mean to you how much as 6500. You got yourself and not myself me and a couple Fran. In that was done Soledad still your file. These are generally for people that are in need a hot gas this debt is causing need to ration Han. Not hack be out. Everytime I see my bank account is just rug rat. But you put yourself in the position. Yeah I can't permanently at the constant reminder that I'm mass stopped and I need to be forgiveness. Of all donate to this offends me yeah you would be able to pay out your credit card. Yes and I'll get little perks every every five and that they get one of the car so if you donate like five dollars he get a I am text message from the if you get one. If I don't pay out 25 you get itself via the I'm and then if you donate hi Andre and it's a picture of me Sarah. As I say something right now it's a genius idea I am refusing. Used to go make it go find it I knew that I contacts go fly guys. And and beg them to ban you from ever he can't do that. It is the web site that's made for people in unfortunate situations. You could unfortunate. Credit card landed in my hand no and I'd like to fly at it's why slight slight you'll lie for it would open. I. Love my phone I a day watney so mind casting your credit cards dream come true. Somebody. The pay rent. You don't know and. I do. I don't suspect your mom right now and you don't have to pay for food the food I don't know how to eat an outright eating fish and Maggie. That time when all of the time. Now do you think got to be able to Bayard. I've forbid it still radiant good bit of course we forbid you from having ago by a meet to pay off your crap I'm gonna make anyway. I. Mind.