Kevin Delivers Card

Thursday, February 1st

Kevin did something amazing for a listener:

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65 the end I know a lot of times you're in the wake up call we. We tend to crap on intern Kevin justifiably. I mean is always just to earn a good reason I mean who feel bad for Kevin I was stopped them and go don't don't have to you don't know what it's like. Can't answer and Kevin is your of daily needs to the whole radio thing to the broadcasting. I mean we found him on the streets of Sacramento little literally on the streets. I'll we've vowed groomed him be sheltered him you've given in my home sat him. Fed him vaccinated and yeah I mean he is now an upstanding member of this community Kevin tell us about the message the. So I got a message from a listener her name was in May again. And Herrick had its turn mean thirteen. Today actually OK son or daughter ease our kids as a czar has seen of her son as going into middle school walk. And he. Is getting bullied that's all because I think it's because he's optimistic all of RNC is a hero ball. And he listens to the so and it makes them how. Happy. So I and he loves giving me out so I Don instead of ending the Adan yeah on made him into any said it was his birthday. Yes and Gil has mom said he loves getting me out. So I thought instead of doing instead of sending him mail I could be his own personal mailman and send a guess. From Austin him since he allows the cells so much so that's cool so say you. So we sent a card are wishing him happy birthday. Can you let above and beyond just the car. Yes I got like a little 1065 gift bag eulogized by. A draw string back to show where it's sound music albums and are so all. Wire bought all and some other stuff to Hillary. And then now nine and then you went soon. There house because they live an outgrowth okay. I live in Elk Grove I can just drop it off for you know how far from your house did they live they lived on the other side of town. While CU you did you sacrificed for that's what I want to say so much as some might Eden was late to work but it was so worth worth the did you tell work all this. I did not you should've now as a reminder last year when we did dissect down tour and we went out to Elk Grove in that we actually had the vice mayor come outs and per claim. What what was the actual proclamation. Our intern Kevin I think oh yeah the hair no no let them watch the flying air mayor bird that picture and I was like notable citizen of Elk Grove and I am I right. I am because of all the great things intern Kevin is done by a leading in the city of Al groh and all the stuff they begin in high school and I think this just kind of confirms that's that you went above and beyond. All you care about the Elk Grove citizens' right I do you aren't Elk Grove said disaster site now and and and you will do whatever it takes to make sure that their lives are better. Yes. I would've if something. I am very very proud of ill on you know making in my heart flat out got it should be fluttering all the time as the kids beating a fact audience because. A couple of years ago I don't think he would have done this. I did and selfishness I think you would have not been embarrassed. Or felt uncomfortable kind of going out of your way going to someone's house where you don't know them totally and. That I don't think it would have occurred to her. Like to do something like this either can't I think you've become a more empathetic person who handled day in the last couple years which is. Don't get me wrong you still are one of the most selfish people. Yeah. Pop up and I I don't. Our stay out of college I apologize I apologize. You are more empathetic person may you let you leave it like that so what did you do at their house. I have rung the doorbell. Ran that he came he answered the door out by. Happy birthday and I know it's a little early and then I explained why I was here is to say who you are. Here ready to. Well all as prior to that on the way home he was talking about the savient. The greens beard and every as I do. And that led to his mom yes yes and let's talk you know about us and that he didn't know I was coming. And then we. And then I surprised him. And he did it have. A reaction yet but apps they're I whereas when yeah were there a day after I left his mom said I'm he was so happy and. She took a picture and he was like cheesy. I'll like to greatest idea pictures of that right now if you wanna see pictures and video of all this in goner. Text happy AJ PPY. 273389. Have been. I mean it did indeed you did did. Making good T yeah. I am very we're very proud of you know they X do you feel good. I slept very well go hide in all of those good to do things as well as I should do that more U. Absolutely. Yeah I had a tough wake up call.