Kevin Explains Surrogacy

Wednesday, January 17th

Kimye had their third baby yesterday via surrogate and Kevin tries to explain to us what that means: 


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Just call 165 PM and a big congratulations to Kim Carter cash Sheehan and Kanye West's welcoming their third child into the world by necessary get a healthy baby girl wearing weighing seven pounds song six ounces they uploaded up on a social scene kind Jay and I are happy to announce the arrival are healthy baby girl. Incredibly grateful to our surrogate who metered dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give. Into our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care north and saints are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister. When this news came out I yesterday we didn't see it until the show is over. And as we were just certain around the studio talking about it it became increasingly apparent that intern Kevin has no idea what a surrogate is correct so. What do you think a surrogate is. So a Sergei as a person that holds your before you so like in a lab they have example eight tonne yea sex organs in Kim's sex organs mixed together into the Sergei. To produce. Eight Kim Yang baby. All right it's now let's dissect that and that's a basket do you think in a lab somewhere in America yes Kanye West sex organ aha are there a lot kittens and can't get there because you need two parts to meet me he described these sex sort. Yes I sperm and eggs together and attest to. Circle around and insert it into the did you making this would you do that kind of. You think that some terminate our. Okay they're not you wanted to be a doctor I am a doctor or not I'm not not just. Ask sorry at every flag and. They make they take a fertilized egg and then may be implant that into the surrogate yes and then the surrogate. Waits for like 810 mines I don't know I and I know. And then out comes the baby right OK your your pretty much you have. Now you call your closer now than you were yesterday might what are you guys decided he wanted to uses her okayed the qualifications I look far less. Able to fertilize of course wolf the egg is fertilized already. Well I don't remember I went over that slot that saves some time for her. And that's what I got eyes she have to be healthy Dresser. She has to be cleanup sexual transmission. To. I don't think you get that sexual transmission of data to feel it and no no that's our car. No hospital to check for that were maybe don't have any and sexually transmitted diseases or infection. Yes I'm all right now. Emotionally stable drives carrying a baby can really bring a tall on someone's a depression. Can't on the depression dumped trash and diabetes. Just go from different than the you don't everything connects in the body like that's like that like that fetus and the body if sag has diabetes debate is gonna have died well. Hello I'm black and do you think diabetes is the condition of the mark no diabetes and then the blood when you're talking about emotional stability X because. Here I'll see how diet B that is still go into depression. Then diabetes leads the process. It is. Yeah. I don't I. Marley and because. I think I addressed that they don't get to eat a lot of sleep. Langdon OK I yeah I just make sure I had this clear this is morning. Get your gonna do it or any candidate B and I thought. Is that the only other thing you'd look I mean and she asked to be a woman sure of going up. I I go out so I. You're all also good living conditions. Such as such guys not in a Condo. Large. Comfortable. And why. No it's not as comfortable on her feet are gonna her. Get an Arab Mac is a lot to carry another liking your block. Out. And yeah well. It's now how how that Tempur-Pedic Matt. And massage table and let that. Are you jealous that you couldn't be easier or they're yeah just today how their lives sat. Who would you who would you want to be a surrogate horrible. Who let's go Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez let's OK so so so because they are on again off again you let's say you're carrying Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is baby are okay tell the lose some good. They bought that house they bought you a Tempur-Pedic bed I don't know about your diabetes Colin hello. Yeah depressed at the moment I know I. Just yeah me. OK okay what are you gonna do it their relationship and and you've got their baby growing inside of PO what I think both wanna who're you gonna give it to. Definitely Selena Gomez. Why he doesn't Bieber might leave it out front door like you left the monkey in Australia. And yeah yeah that's our.