Kevin Gets New Costumes

Friday, November 3rd

Now that Halloween is over, its a great time to buy costumes. Rayne bought Kevin a bunch of all-new costumes and hes so excited about it.


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165 C ends and Halloween is coming gone and it's actually one of the best times of the year do you go to the Halloween store. Where all the costumes are discounted and we find new costumes super intern Kevin nowhere for the new year. As for you Kevin because I know. And last you love the idea I could Wear constant every day the day after Halloween there's not a huge selection left of costumes. And that's why we goes specifically the day after Halloween. The best customs are gone. I'm not so yeah. Like yeah I thought I left is laughs are you ready. Now and their merit at various points throughout the course of the year will ask intern candidates and Kevin go stand in the street corner but you got to Wear a costume and these are the selections that we're gonna have. Along with the other gum be the coop mode you know all the ones we already have these are just more to add to the collection are you reading a ready. Here we golf. Number well and my eyes I'm OK overall and I'll bug Mary and beer guy. Well it again and tell us through and hug group. Oh my god I like I stood ready go ahead and literally. The man. And then clean and ugly and they like that extra large back me all I mean good measure larger. Halloween costume is like a media yeah the Strauss writes a tell. So Kevin when that barbarian a what country would you normally find a nice job Bolivia but not enough Bolivia. Army Germany's probably determine a good gas is the guy secure it could be years beer Stein and I appear yeah. They got the peer Pam how these is that with a feather in mid but if you wanna Peter Pan like I. Does need a green you know it's hard and I'm Peter Pan this is like to caution good one yeah yeah. I never I didn't give me the European Peter good. I'm here here's the next when he adding yeah. This is they glow in the dark skeleton. I didn't know I really want to pull yeah yeah I know. And our own lawyers. I know. Your job my job you're gonna pop now so much yeah this is no gun law. And pelvic Boehner you do that. Wow I didn't like red man. Clinton met. I here's the third and you're ready isn't colossal notably in my eye. I he's not bad these are not bad that I did an excellent now this may be a little bit of a deed in reference for Kevin Kevin your 23. Tony Terry Price and this allowing this was a very popular TV show her from way back in the day like late eighties early ninety's. We have an official. Double dare you know. Now comes. The outcomes and a helmet and goggles in need pat yeah I was so crab boil down yeah. No we don't even look good. Blindly units oh my god actually go helmet on your head Sierra and a couple. I'd like they try it. Don't we try to throw out any idea you had had a tiny that is not gonna get over my head and any yeah. I'm trying to he's trying to put up. Well yeah I do other (%expletive) job he's gonna put a couple of good. Vinegar Jim Cameron and things can bring home my helmet on and said he did just the gym. Yeah very like a cat but I don't know why. Like both saw the back of the chin strap his choking import Mickey is doubled should find Jim CNN on top of that. That he made like this super weird face. You look like World War II propaganda. Hook and I could and I don't I netstat a real helmets that's actually probably just a piece of black. Today being flooded out and play hard go. By the way the picture is the picture I just talk if you wanna see that it just texting dared. They are either 73389. You'll see Kevin our last line a case we have Bavarian we have gloves downloads it looks skeletons in double dare outfit here's your last one are you reading I'm Randy you what I saw this I could not buy this costumes fast enough. Oh my god I had new robotics to the calendar may say that I know you're adding yes it is an out fan lieutenant dangle from Reno nine on. Well short shore up like I. Was set. I might. My favorite part about this custom is it's absolutely the dangle character from Reno nine mile wind but the customs was called sergeant shorthand. So it's art band ward injured yeah. Have you.