Kevin Goes Sober

Thursday, January 3rd

Kevin had a rough weekend and he doesn't want to ever drink again: 

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Certainty does your morning insert get a good morning. And in answer and Kevin the jet setter at the world traveler. Tends to. Go around it's in good of festivals in big concerts instead you'd like over the doing the sensible thing rank the ask sell fine what's your appeal for that like what he did. That atmosphere meeting new people the music can. And the party means you just went to a festival in San Diego so how was the trip that was the festival. It was I mean zine. But it's one thing did happen and why as a lot of alcohol was consumed two to the point where are now that I'm back in sac I can't look out harvests in many. It's I'm tired of it. I outgrew. Why the hell ride out throated it sounds like alcohol one that's voted sound like did you finally get the hang out. Burner know all of Casey this is that for what's freaky how we how we finished six bottles of Hennessy prep lead guy two gallon. These people is we. Five people. Over how many days the Greek. Not a technically 22 days a guy to today is that we have the first day Friday night. Friday on morning Tom Knight we were during our daily finished three bottles if Turkey for kids listening word glorifying. Alcoholic. At all not alcohol abuse as if you can't. And look at alcohol anymore I don't binge drinking it's just I drink a lot and it's the bingeing right. A cell I drank a lot this weekend and not far I think the rest of my life honestly okay. Do you like you didn't burlap I had to throw out I'd made myself brought 'cause I found not say wow you get this. Spins. Around one and the spins like where I later did he may yet now I than it did not. Look. I felt drunk like super drunk but not to the point where I'm my own now I'm gonna block out drunk or your phone but you are like they are all. Pictures from oh I have pictures. Does anyone who I was I'm right I was still return alright here's what I'll say I have been out intern Kevin more than you guys have in I have seen Kevin get certain. I've seen him have a good time I've seen him at the club with cement pouring a bottle of vodka in his straight into his mouth. Saw molasses. Chaser he goes hard to think you are ratchet I might breath I won't say. I mean Kevin even to point B a year ago we're kept those going out during the week would go to the club like a Wednesday night. Leave the club what they Yemen to be back here at 435 however and so in Kevin is drawn grain and what is he like. We're gonna go with Kevin but Kevin doesn't get drunk around me I think it's it's amplified version of what we hear on the right. Oh my god you're allowed gets. Saying this is the person that his chest my base level volume. When I speak as loud. Kevin gets to the point where he's in his volume of speaking is like he's yeah he is a low girl times ten and. Is that not true I mean it's true though OK and I have changed the new relief after that you've changed and you leave now and then got its sub tell us about the new deal. What can we expect moving forward and. Tom not drinking that much alcohol on more or none at all our enemies over. Oh man. I would say a few shots here and there. Gates and that's a no buy an obvious sober I guess it's the cat's eyes see your eyes are. Algae and right now I'm in my eyes are you challenging you. Yeah. Confusion when the English language is almost poetic. Words I judge you all the time. So this should be no different. You can be sober if you want to you can do you can double in shots if you want to do for you can go right back to being a full blown alcohol. Only know I know I'm an alcoholic I'll be what do you say it's just all over this weekend I literally just had outlaw half and that's it no food or any. I don't know what he's saying I don't learn that are still look at what's. Happening going forward I'm gonna go so Mack Brown how. No alcohol. And to. Now. What's the next holiday coming up for the July 4 of July that's so far. Hobbies yeah. Isn't running yeah. OK I want to tell orbit July okay and do you think it is not drinking you'll learn does save fourth of July. Hello I.