Kevin Hates Gabe's Shorts

Wednesday, January 2nd

Intern Kevin discusses how much he hates Producer Gabe's shorts.

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065 PM answer and Kevin is in your morning intern Kevin demo. I mean. Wire you way you upset now because yeah yeah yeah because he's. How the Racine. Davis pants. It is a game. And yeah I haven't seen his fans what's wrong with a dance they are sweat so arts. TV when I first started here I wore sweat shorts and she said. How many I'm you can't work out where about a network environments. I did that from then on I never wire sweat source but it has been weeks. And game has been wearing sweat shorts. Every single day I've got a question okay first of all why did you tell Kevin and he couldn't Wear those when he started you know. Even in turn mark. And it looked like he was wearing his. A connect. I mean it's a number of national right. He even British Saturday hello thank you for coming here. Sure I would okay first by just need assays are crying sweat shorts does it paints a bad picture of what they look like OK they are classy and nice. And today I'm not walking into gym class. This wedge short. Why are calling them the I would shorts and pants up I would hope that he joggers. That price. And you I got married by those sexy joggers they say sweat so stiff. America obviously. Those sexy why. Did you actually everybody is now starting to show we can call us as he's going to it's basically like you. Sexy doctor pay tenth but then they want our cup the yeah exactly. So they really go happily downs Cam Newton a game so. A little bit different from what you were aware mine was by by the knee. And Henny penny they do they really did look like legitimate they can get things just because they or how they're grant. Now wasn't the collar. Well I wouldn't. At the. They look like gee don't you you did well now. How gay immediately I need out of and he can't Wear sweat so I do you think your wardrobe is very com homeless kids some problem. What qualities you where you should practice he IUI preferred that but I don't really love either it's a big. Like it does seem like you have to pants. One has ripped up jeans. And the other is sweat pants with blocked zippers law I have several of each of those I'll I'll I'll. Any teams share got an account and then it comes with a with a teacher no problem there all my owner T shirts and then a bloody no problem there I think it's the combination of like. All of them all of it I think it works or gay and I ill. Cal game. Heat heat wearing a sexy high enough. I isn't hearing care when. I'll win that only wagers superior wow I didn't even think of that I am so should. You owed to us that I'm here in theory no. Yeah. Rarely said the opposite. Apparently. What could not just beyond their bias in the Gramm and do you like gain more. Yeah. Ironed it out and handled the media brought it just sweep it gave more. And sick and Matt what I. I feel like do you want me to confirm or. OK more beer. I'm glad I highlight JD Martin you know I can. Get the favorite parents that I don't let me ask you this incident having used and a dumb amount of money and I'm not crap. On my exit greens stuff right dumb it's that how how much that are hot. Sprint summits this year earring and now what. About it sorry sir I was at 65. Yeah. It did then okay. Right the material it's important area. Not important what countries inherited from iron Bangladesh since blended cotton. Might not blinded it. Third car caught end Kevin why did you close your eyes. When I get angry to close my eyes I don't see the theaters. And instead can attack on the back in the US. Up well. Worry Barack cup that's why it's six of the conflict but I'd still a big reason I guess. Question is is like Kevin you spend a dollar amount of money on clothes that you could spend half that amount on gay. He's wearing just a teacher in a honey. That's expensive to go but I I usually only shop like twice a year or two good shopping trips a year and a name and last I'd Kevin how can we teach you to stop being upset again yes. Wow I'm near Paris flat starts and I can Wear them every day you when you buy your own harassment shorts you Wear him into the studio we will be the judge and if it were appropriate or not little. And and if we feel it's appropriate you can continue to Wear. If we feel it's not appropriate you need to change Lyle complaint he knows now as a playing favoritism and no not yet. I mean I like gave more than you we. Yeah yeah yeah. When you played really. I'm Clinton may I. Couldn't have won 65 the end the wake up call.