Kevin Hates Young Celebrities

Thursday, June 14th

Intern Kevin vents to the Wake Up Call about his hatred of young celebrities:

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To me is paying. And. Sixty wakeup call all the hits 16 I DN LD today high of 64 coming up at 7 AM another chance to get a four pack of tickets to lake aliens California resort in Southern California. Part of the grand opening of the all new legally in castle hotel. He can win again it drop the day two at 7-Eleven two in five flushing today and online dot com to the grand prize. Ford today park park hopper tickets any one night stay at the little in castle hotel it's an. 106 I'm V. Katie and rave it's the wake up call. It. One of Gavin is favorite performers. Sally has been making I rank this is the catch me outside girl. Danielle for goal leads and why she got that bad bad day that maybe. Well she's in the news again because apparently bad baby gotten to a bit of fat baby. Got into a fight where they know there instead green am YouTube star. While Vicky. And I had this side this is a girl that. I don't mean monotonous drivers she's very over the top me three. Speaks in slaying. Aids we have any of her means. John musician not a music doesn't mean that said how Jesus likes to talk right so apparently there was confrontation between the two main also involved. Is little Tate was a nine year old rapper. Are you. For re. It's again make this up. This thing about social media now is when something like this happens it goes viral almost immediately said edit like the whole world gets deceit. Bad baby purses will be key verses nine year old rapper little Tate will today. Oh my god. I I'm looking a little pain right now. I mean. She is abate. It's a girl. Yeah as I didn't see that. Arizona twists and as fearsome audio. Wow. You know like record about. Eight. I'm day Albert girl cash outside girl is wearing on an Arizona iced tea cam and that put the upper body up. Have floral print it to variant. So certain Kevin brought this to our attention. Because intern Kevin having massive issue at this. The reason why Europe said about this intern Kevin. I'm so angry all these people are gaining fame that they do not deserve just aren't being acting now and just. Bad you know here that's bad behavior and they're not even talent said. Selby captured outside girl became famous pitchers and Dr. Phil a few years ago and said Castro has sat and that back full storm out there again and she's fifteen years old. Hand wall Vicky and not just wanting Warner eighteen and she's hanging out of the night and who knows. Yeah this you can have as many questions you want yeah it's not going to be answered all right well Vicki got famous because she punched a security guard at a three get march and that she got Iraq stead as she's like season really ratchet sound that's why seed eight and look rats are. Oh yeah he's a top. Greater an outlet. President LK. CLE their flock and money like she got money. I mean she does got money but seems like he's like gangster rappers China IC not like the cars when I. I mean yeah she got a big car she's locked and I think it's our parent of course our parents. While who would sell. Euros in our money apparently she's blacks and on instead Graham and so one of the. Things that I cannot play for you because it there's lots of obscenities and it is the aftermath video of wall Vicky and little tape. Swearing out dive. Bad day be. And holding a stack of money. Like it's a cell phone you know like cal rappers dealer yeah. I like a brick of cash okay may and essentially calling. And bad BB a bench while. Now Kevin you're not gonna be very happy to hear. Did you know that bad Bibi is going out on tour who. It's she has a record contracts. She's so you've got to be and I cannot make this up this is actually true she's going to be ace of spades in dollar or 830 in the U wanna buy tickets starting at fifty dollars to. Yeah Doug Sauer heard shell like how we enter this dude yeah. Get her in the studio you're an interview now really think that's a good idea I. Know that's not a good I don't know how how what. Got famous are not in just my. I'm like you all know can't spot these kids need to go to law don't you only tip from Wal-Mart you may have heard ham Kevin. They get famous for nothing Britain now I'm gonna get famous if you bring her in the studio we gonna start off by now Megan. Imus said on these little kids get famous by fights yeah. I'm gonna do think it. Is treatment is to be DMD and Nall and gone Allen. I know when all these kids above me already have been actually their bowl youth the younger than you true why a lot true and. Lower class than me I have class and he got clarity that he raised his pinky and everyone I guess Scott Tashard and it command of aids to drain the bad baby and I it's what's next on the wake up call. Play name that June would Gavin on the recorder for tickets to see one of our old school favorites right Cabrera had gold field on April 30 you can call us right now 766165. If you can correctly name the song gathered his playing on his recorder. 766165. You're getting at the Sony play next at six winning team. One 65 C ads from from.