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Monday, March 26th

The Wake Up Call has discovered that Intern Kevin is vaping. 

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Really sure how we got on the subject of this but we found out it's. That someone on the wake him called. Bait this. And said. It's in certain commitments the imagining. It he just started me. All I didn't know that how recently. Yesterday. And it's surely gave it the mail yesterday so. And it. He was walking around waving around like of course he was why he didn't wave like any Izod brand new iPod and how you waiting. Around even do it like the other new iPhone. You just like lawyers sitting around a group of friends you just take out your pocket. Hold it up high and start playing. So that people like see you haven't done like doubted us and we go whose Big Ten that. He has it from my main. Kevin and it's not a fan it's a mod that worry you it's a Mohawk as marchment. A good you have all the money in the world rank and I'm I have all the credit cards actually how much money did that cost. And you want a rough estimate how many how much money caught saw only sixty blog cracked YUB. It's that they now. So a serious fall below. Twelve miles away reducing people maintaining a like I wanna be a school is sale. The baby and. Do you feel all that call it strikes they can nail that only reason you got our lawyer tricks can call. Haven't you can do all those things with cigarettes what did you do that because cigarettes kill your lungs. It's on here yeah Saturday is on it's screen I've got three isn't a humanitarian and on and it's our touch screen it's the very latest and greatest and by what you're doing what he's no money you touched bottom and smoke produced. Mean parents. And. All that screen that's for it so you can see how much watts you're taking into keyed up that they park on the bar while he is a good amount. I had my beginners so I'm starting at the lower forty watts can anything above that kind of hurts my. Tags you don't see that as a sign of maybe them. Not a bad things Iowa. It's just it's I. Saw it a try you got it beyond may well I want to give you an example of birth because the first time yeah. Here's like. Myself OK so you'll push this button and then you are gaining on you got to prepare itself could do a lot of got to cut back you got to prepare yourself OK and that is that the very close at Ferris. And then you hear a little says the and then you sucked it. You know I don't know. To my right way it's. A guy. You blew. Let god you're so cool Kevin. Your talent. Grow fast Katie we're getting checks in at 73389. Multiple people are asking Kevin. Where did you find a mod for sixty dollars I'd now like act and act Odierno now what is the real price you pay. There is I got to deal because I know a guy. But hurts most about and I can't let you don't play your lives on because that's germs put your. I end up around like you did a good signal yet okay now Sox got. You know it's not nearly what they think yeah. You could get. I'll let you know. I mean I'd that's why don't let it nearby lot and they just happen in my mouth for tricks and. And then I really doesn't just projects that. Affects your brain now but does the the U and limiting its lending I've ever seen. It's like the expression like everybody was jumping off of a cliff would you do that. Applied it to happen right legged cat he would even need to see people jumping off the clip that you just read about it. On a blog but you go jump off a collect I'm trying to add a look at how much does dumb big actually I. Snakes and edit it will Pena as people texting and singer of hits to. Screening Cassidy 200 dollars well let us also say to kids if you're listening do you not intern Kevin being example for you now he don't mean to his cabin at. Ever been an example. Anything for anyone and that's their re going like. I got a little bit about how to take care of myself as a human being about how to go about how to manage my buyer can't. About how to finish school but what does is rich with this big bit. Yeah I know you wake up call.