Kevin Karaoke 7-20-18

Friday, July 20th


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Go sack. And 06 by. Money news sunny high of 93 today that we difficult to act on tour broadcasting live from port theory it is actress Ellen telco boulevard today in Elk Grove. And Elk Grove it's turned out today. I'm so proud spell out perhaps a guy that's. Deserve. We every four packets tickets for giving way to the California state fair it's going on out July 29. And actually an orange bills on the phone morning Julie. Who want me. Personally so because we are. I'm worried fitness. The last few times we've been here that's intern Kevin. To go ahead and not use some work out strenuous work out activities he has been on the rower is the obvious stationary bike today. Wedding and turn it on what you're doing and ready I know. I can't stay. Odds so here's what did you intern Kevin we have them placed on it it's like an app machine yet at her Ab roller. It's gonna do you its Internet Kevin is going to use this work out while the same time. Singing along to you popular songs you hear out this X five and over. I. You all you have to do is successfully identified the songs that Kevin is. It. I apologize. That. Should be. I can't. He. Worked out but he can do. YTOK. I believe the arts or Julie just had to get these rights and and you get these to get the California State there are you ready. No okay intern Kevin whatever your ready aren't as part workout body. It's. Aren't you. Know the work yeah Kevin how you work out there and keep hill but it has to. He hit about picking it up in. But it is that I didn't I. I'm thinking it out you have been and you know. Me we did better and I yeah. And outside. That cat next songwriter we go. Listen I'm not. I'm happy to. You know what I mean you. Will will give it yeah. It's delicate but I. All right last one Kevin yeah and not not an idea. Last one here we go out and pertinent to our data here that while. We have all male and and eight. My arm. And so on. Did. You Ian. Well we. And the dollar are still in the game should be and that's up. Let. Me. Let me ask. Right. Now. And I love. To. Hit. And I'm not you not only to New England England England. I'm mentally going okay. And he only. I. I'm not I'm not happy about. I can't I've got to get a kick out of it now time. Haven't you have. You know eight unit apartment. B I'll bet she'll allowing all. I'd Julian orange bill congratulations for two tickets to the California state fair we hope you have a great time on us okay. Oh yeah.