Kevin Lost His Wallet

Thursday, December 27th

Kevin is pissed because he lost his wallet and does not know what to do about it:

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This morning if you miss did we typically start the wake of college 530 we have to start Little League this morning intern Kevin was leaps. Kevin what is what happened why relay what's wrong with the parents of very slash small Marty is Marty and why I was so stressed I can't find my wallet in my gaffes but he didn't let her leave the little the little handle is led we don't phenom. Right I still can't find my wallet I looked I went to the gas engine they'll all the way there looked all the way around my Clark couldn't find it I clearly liked everything out looked sorry couldn't find it. So we usually keep your wallet your car. Now eight cup follows me everywhere I go in my pockets and will not and but I checked all the jeans I wore yes Alec he had to wasn't in there so check my round he didn't do like that pat down make she had everything before you left the house but it's very stressful. It's because you're wearing jeans you usually don't Wear jeans gray rushed in volatile and machines he dies. All I am and they certainly seem there's not as not being at odds of my hectic Marty. It sounds super shot that was like. I couldn't have my person Diallo's. And then it kind of cars in my car AM I was on. My wallet out on my credit cards and am currently union as I don't have money do you think you'd tell. I can use apple OK. All right hey I gas stations that apple man is around him. I cannot run when it comes and this isn't just Rio it's four and my wife it's for people Acadia gas I didn't know that. Michael lose everyday items sometimes. Why don't people take stuff out and leave it in the same place in their house. Because life is her text you ask because. You know I usually put all my stuff on a kitchen table by if it's like in the car this actually happen to me the other day. I carry two sets of keys in my car keys and I am I like regular other keys and I couldn't find where I put the other keys that after I left the gym mountain so I actually. I got home and I was like I can finally keys I'd drive all the way back to the GM I would that there. No wasn't there either. Couldn't find it spent about 45 minutes trying to find it come to find out they had either put them in a bag that I had in my car any. And part time I don't know what. So angry then I'd be fresher and better to like like I come I want my house turned to my left. And there's a shelf for my sunglasses. And hook for Mikey. Let's go ahead that's common but sometimes like give you inner shortly run into the house or unity throw all your stuff down somewhere I mean. Ready generally you're probably accurate a big debt for the most part not quite as an adult doesn't use it. She stuff like that everywhere in the house like a weird Johnny Apple seed like. It is often I hear her say I can't find my sunglasses I can't find my iPhone I give find my keys like. Well why aren't they in the places that you'd typically leave them my wallet. And that my pants and it goes in the same place in the bathroom every single that. Yeah silly I ate it like one of our cabinets I put like a little. Tidy Bremer made. Container there that's eyeglasses and my sunglasses now. Well sometimes life happens and I about the ball not get in the house and got I've got a screaming get her some and I just like. The set I keys down somewhere and then I go look at that covered and I only got to where might he made it happen. Kevin did you weaken your mom and her boyfriend to ask if they media had senior wall and I asked the whole house. Woke everybody up near I mean I needed to go. Yeah I was lay I need in my IDs isn't as they get pulled America's cops on the you know where volume of the drive recklessly. Bomb so why did you find. No at least I don't have an ID and I mean my cards. What do you did you for the rest of the day you obviously are my wallet you obviously Guinea's. I have apple bank. They got trampled. Ago and find places that have apple that's right our bags and luckily he Audi does not send search only apple player restaurant all well apple play. They'll let you go to light gun like a rail lees or something that has that I know it takes apple pay and then just take a bunch of cash out. And that way that'll get you through the. But I don't know if I've cashed in my bank account leaky my life is Michael hall casino gambling whether SI gets the client or not funny when she pulled through bank gap on your phony you're able to see how much money you haven't got my password are now for five days so I can yeah. I went debit cards to verify the last four of them last part of my debit card for them to give me access. It sets very stress thought I'd still think about where I could have laughed then. Kevin wall scraped some money to get everybody find out why dogs. Eat it too high did it right. They and I walked any dogs man you'd save a whole wall usually they like to grab stuff and this place in my mom's round. I was like to stress I was solid where's my wallet no one was antsy and a half wall that was all I Wii down now like they sort of how. Your life his last. Well I I sincerely feel bad for I mean I steer the I think pioneering parents just now man it's Snickers and Oreo did this is a break. I did get good value for their IP network. Iraq allow you to build Abaya and food that's all right this to Kevin dog revolution set up. Business helped Brazil they start over I don't think evident is out I will got like we hope you find your wallet meets ills does that go home. I. A.