Kevin Misses Pool Party

Monday, August 20th

Intern Kevin was suppose to go to a pool party this weekend but never went because he couldn't get his ticket from Promotions Jorge:

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Nobody plays all the hits like what does excite begins at 840 alike and call overcast today high of 93 American Red Cross is helping collect donations. To people and families affected by the fires in northern California. And casino complex fire near the lake park fired near Redding if you like to donate you can text the word fired 273389. Or you can go to end online dot com slash Red Cross. Less exciting yeah. Call. I was always told the kids I'm touched you're just. I hate it here. Listen he says you only chick once I took his word for us. Mean hearing asset talking about here on the lake and call a revival inside the Sawyer hotel down to only do these pool parties do like one once a month yesterday it was a big one because it was the Baywatch pool parties she came in like. They watched themed attire will all along in certain Kevin is trying to find a way to Gideon Kevin did you guy. Why Powell is never even Miguel Angel that's grown up with him know that well hole on assay. Part of it was that promotion George was all the way in Rockland for something and had tenants to get Kevin Kevin and Eric Maynard where. Emanating has already downtown. Since brunch and as of 6 o'clock yesterday Kevin still wouldn't have a way of getting into the party. Hey. And a parent. You arms has got I. Cars ready by. I had everything ready for the pool party but my ticket so I can't taxi jars like well are you know important iron and it is pretty important. I goes ticket. Salt and white shirt red pants and those that don't know Jorge is our promotions mistress Alexander has. Yes they have been yes and he runs things Tierra light. Well had to like party or run again. They he and he runs things like a well oiled machine there was an event up in Rocklin now earlier in the day and he had said Hammond a go up ten ass up there. And then I'm going to come downtown in finance at pool party revival now W I I mean the party was hanged by the I failed idea at a great time and it is you know there was tons of people. You know big buff guys walking around the assured saw humbly hear thousands line sounds super firm but these are there. All I want is you look climbing on like why like so big you're Goran in the short. An old outlets assessed that like a lifeguard line out and I. Well like one of those what those big red thing is that the unless well it's funny as I always asked RC give me the tickets before hand and just in case something happens like this. And he comes says now I will give it to you when I get there don't worry about it so then why why why why comes in today I got some Tallahassee. Listen I know everybody's thinking it's listening to this both the view is that this seems like a very privileged problem to have oh how nice of you guys must be denies drown him in ticket yeah that's shall I wanna say or drowning in them well but okay what ever but what always seems to get held over for Euro excel. How does. Everybody know sad whose son does it get tickets to almost steady. But I will say. Isn't it weird power trip that George always keeps heavens ticket or is this because Kevin has the history of losing its take get. He and his three losing his tickets and then that a power what I already do I get an idea of trying to live the ticket. Like I'm gonna hold onto it now but this arena is like just like becoming your guardian I. Oh god somebody and because we will not it's. Now Kevin did you have Somalia yesterday because of this you were essentially skating on the outside of this party do you couldn't eating TP ED Nana ticket. I mean I saw of the music blast scene the ball's thrown beginning the round analysts. Yeah our daily dangers are there on Japan's drew pictures I didn't. Have actually around now how you feel that this was our men. Race was bare and that's just not there. Our. Yes I didn't I didn't have an extra ticket and if I did absolutely Kevin it would give anyone I mean I was off pull already did you try going to the door and saying do you know lie down now because they are strict ticket only kind of as not to mention the second anybody's as you know who I am there is bonds is now. Or worse. You and then robbed Kevin I'm sorry I'm Gloria was not find my hard to do. Great question. Oh I went around look firm your balls let morals sleep. Says. Yeah now what they're really try to return your whistle no I'm gonna save for next pulled party might be that got a just blows the whistle how it got people like guy Hebert I think it's soccer coach is there now when they blow the whistle and you do or don't work out like. Bush that we Hillary. Xperia yea you've you missed the party announced Friday nights you they had the big stage set up for you right there on well right now needs him did in dar is divine how of responsibility. Well would you what was your responsibility for Friday night I just over slab piano. For Friday night yeah okay so I took it now I came on late sell Iowa volley OK let me take a quick nap I don't have to go until like an hour Manhattan. And it turns into a deep sleep right until deadly gas 2:1 o'clock in the morning and then would you do. Stayed at Tahoe all forms then I got ready for this Tom and this is Thursday night. Was it Thursday and now he says writing Friday OK I'm glad he's still got ready for this job right now we're Saturday morning again. You know what your timeline to become a dad again almost this year is that Matt you until March but but as far as like lights out goes your run your ready real. I feel all right. Okay yeah. Okay the first thing you mean we become a dad it always so. Up 1065. And. Why. What could not live there at the bush and. Yeah yeah. And how the you. Me yeah. He need you Arizona yeah and so you always. And nothing.